Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It is technically September 6 in the Eastern time zone as I write this, so that means it is Day One for the TIFF for this year. It`s the one event covered ad nauseum by the entertainment media in this country. Bigger than CANADIAN IDOL, even.

Here`s a link to the BELL festival access site with all the big news from this year`s festival. Also check out all the usual blogs by all the usual people.

Also I know that Rogers Television usually does a ton of stuff, but fat help that is to me this year, not living in Toronto anymore. We don`t get that sort of thing here on the prairie. In fact I`m not even sure they still have the rights. I think Bell has them now. I see nothing on the Rogers Television site about the film festival at all, which is surprising.

I gotta say, I have few regrets about my time at Rogers TV but the one that I do have is that I didn`t push hard enough for one of those plum TIFF assignments. Those red carpet gigs would have paid beans but it would have been great for the ol`demo reel. It would surely have gotten me a plum job in TV, forecasting the weather on The Weather Network like everyone else.

I do believe Star!TV has their big Schmooze on Friday night on TV. At least I hope so.

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