Sunday, September 16, 2007


And all I will say about the Toronto film fest being over is Thank God, because I was getting kind of tired of seeing Lainey and especially Tanya Kim on these eTalk segments with their "smut reports," drooling over fashions and especially "hot guys" in their video updates.

I mean really, get a grip. If you saw guys drooling over "hot babes" all the time on TV, you'd think these guys would need to get a grip, too! This is supposed to be a film festival, serious business!! It's make or break for these movies, and many of them were about serious topics! Yet we got film festival reports consisting of the party beat and hot guy alerts!!

Anyway, it's too bad it's over and that I wasn't there at the festival to drool over hot girls. (In previous years I would drool over Penelope Cruz, Maria Menounos and Diane Kruger.)

In fact, I'm not there for a lot of stuff going on in Toronto at the moment, such as the Ontario vote. And it ticks me off bigtime. I keep on telling myself that I'm doing much better financially, career-wise, bla bla bla, where I am now. But money can't buy happiness as I am finding out right now.

To be honest I didn't miss the Film Festival much this year. Maybe it's because I'm not as interested in hot guys as Tanya Kim is. Girl, get a grip.

Oh, and the Emmys are tonight.

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