Friday, September 28, 2007


Thought I would fill you in with my continuing coverage of the sorry state of men's magazines.

As everyone knows by now, FHM closed its USA edition early this year. Then the folks over at Dennis Publishing sold off MAXIM, BLENDER and STUFF, and now the S has hit the fan. Stuff has now closed for good. They are moving that rag into MAXIM as an inset in that magazine. So that's that for Stuff.

The last issue of Stuff has Laura Vandervoort, who plays Supergirl on Smallville. Meanwhile, MAXIM has an issue out featuring Erica Durance, who is also on, get this, Smallville. I guess the women on the other TV shows weren't interested.

Granted, I will say MAXIM is getting better these days, though they still don't show models naked like their international editions do, in places like the UK. (Gutless, spineless Americans-- can't handle the sight of a gorgeous female. Cowards.)

I notice that MAXIM has something this month about The Heartbreak Kid movie coming out, and showed a hot photo of beautiful Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman (right) in a hot swimsuit. This woman was in the famous "threesome" episode of Entourage and was in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle as well. Check out her acting credits.

Now here's the question I have. Why isn't this gorgeous babe in Playboy?! This woman is definitely not bashful about nudity; she's been naked a number of times, and apparently she's also got a big sex scene in The Heartbreak Kid. She'd be great for Playboy, but those losers at the Mansion would rather have Kim Kardashian.

That's right, this December the cover girl for Playboy will be Kim Kardashian who apparently has a new E! show out. Just like those three Girls Next Door babes have a show on E!, too. Apparently, this is going to be a very tame pictorial, but not too tame because Kim apparently showed off a lot more than the guys at Playboy expected (ie.: her butt). So just because she is showing her butt, they are giving this chick the cover!

When the heck are these guys going to go back to going after real sex symbols and people like that? You know, like the classy ones they had in the Eighties -- people on the scale of Bo Derek, Tanya Roberts and Kim Basinger?! These B-list scandal-babes and reality-show stars are really getting to be a bit much. They had the right idea at Playboy recently when they ran spreads with Amanda Beard and Tricia Helfer, not to mention Cindy Margolis. But who cares about Kim Kardashian, a celebrity just because she is a celebrity.

That's it! Needless to say I'm in an angry mood, what with my favorite magazines all going to heck and closing down, and all that. Means fewer jobs for guys in journalism. (Ha!)

UPDATE: Latest news from Playboy is that they are looking at a January issue featuring Denise Richards and Pam Anderson. Together. As if we haven't seen these two enough times already. Yawn. Booooring.

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