Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well, the CRTC finally put the rubber stamp on the deal to take over Citytv. As part of the deal the CRTC has told Rogers to dump their OMNI religious stations in Winnipeg and Vancouver, but Rogers had announced that they were selling off those stations a long time ago.

It's funny because Rogers is in the middle of buying Channel M out of Vancouver, which has the multicultural license there. Now, multicultural stations have an exemption in the whole grand scheme of things, so companies like Rogers can purchase them and keep their other stations in the market.

About the OMNI stations that Rogers is dumping on the street: I notice they are much different from those Toronto stations they have. The Toronto stations are totally multicultural, but I notice that the OMNI station from Winnipeg that I get these days is loaded with religious programming aimed at south Asians. It's nothing like those two cool Toronto OMNI stations at all. In fact, it's pretty brutal programming, which is probably why Rogers is planning to dump it. (That station doesn't show Dave Letterman, either.)

Come to think of it, the Citytv station in Winnipeg is just as bad. Instead of showing Italian shows like CHIN TV on weekends or those "Baby Blue Movies" late at night, they run a bunch of religious programs and American late-night talk shows --- and other crap. Mind you, the Baby Blue Movies were crap, too -- this cheap erotica. But the religious shows are worse. Anyway, Rogers has taken Citytv over now, finally, so maybe they'll get rid of all this junk.

The two OMNI stations that are being dumped will probably wind up in the hands of CTS or somebody like that -- CTS has the religious license in Ontario and are setting up some stations in Alberta, so I think those guys will be interested.

I also have no comment about the new E! network in Canada because I don't live in an area where I get the station, and I have no clue what is going to happen to A-Channel. I read somewhere CTV is going to change the name of these stations to "Much." Which sounds stupid, but really, no more stupid than what everyone else in Canada is doing to these TV stations these days.

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