Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Noticed that the writ was officially dropped for the Ontario provincial election.

Meanwhile, here I am, one province over and still in exile from Ontario. And looking on with some objectivity after spending so much time involved in the provincial scene there. Not that I am removed totally from the political scene, I am exposed to it day in and day out in my job. But it sure is different to not play an active role in this election in Ontario after I did so much to help put John Tory in as leader of the PCs there.

I'm interested in seeing how my friends in Ontario are doing in this election. No doubt I'm sure some of them are mad because I left the province and can't help their campaigns lose again. There're not the only ones mad. I'm mad, too, that I left their province and cannot help their campaigns lose again. I left, all because the cost of living in Ontario is through the roof, the pollution is terrible, and the jobs are no good.

Now I'm living in a place where the cost of living is low, there's no pollution to speak of, and I'm doing much better financially and otherwise. No thanks to Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals, who were a big reason why I packed up and left.

I was at an event with some reporters a couple of weeks back and they were all saying how terrible the cost of living was when they used to be in big cities like Toronto, and now that they're in Manitoba they are filthy rich and living the good life. Personally, though, I am far too urban an individual and would love to get back to living in a big city as soon as possible.

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