Thursday, September 06, 2007


Tomorrow night is the Star! Schmooze as usual and this year is the first one since the folks over at CTV took the place over.

Well, guess what, this is going to be called the eTalk Star! Schmooze now and they're going to have Ben Mulroney and Tanya Kim cover it- along with the usual Star!TV people.

ETALK?! They're there covering this thing now, too? They're taking over everywhere.

Actually, I kind of don't care. You know, I have nothing against Ben Mulroney, it's just that I get fed up seeing him on every entertainment TV show in Canada. Oh, and by the way, CTV will rerun the thing Saturday night.

Speaking of Star!TV, when the heck does E! leave the building over there? I heard that the new E! Canada network launches this week. So that really does mean Star!TV will be in the tank with no programming.

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