Thursday, September 27, 2007


Read an interesting article about Dan Patrick, who left ESPN recently and is now a free agent.

Some speculation that Patrick may decide to ditch sports entirely and go the Keith Olbermann route. Olbermann sort of showed all sportscasters what options are available when you hit 40 and get fed up covering these rich ballplayers for a living. Standing in locker rooms interviewing guys gets old after a while. Anyway, this article speculates about Patrick going the Larry King route or doing something like that, and making sports coverage more of a hobby on the side.

Me, I'd love to get back to doing sports full time again, though covering the news is fine by me. Getting the opportunity to actually do sports has been the bugaboo, though. There are just not that many good sports jobs available, especially in Canada. The pay is bad, too. If I can't make some good money at it, what's the point of doing sports?!

And working the weekend sucks, too, especially if you want to just stay home and watch football games all day. Another reason for guys like Dan Patrick to quit sports.

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