Saturday, September 15, 2007



It's another big sports weekend everywhere and the question now on everyone's mind is what the F is going on with all this cheating?!?

It was bad enough that we had all the steroid nonsense going on in baseball. But then again, the fans have kind of given up on baseball players or owners acting ethically or doing anything right. Then you had this nonsense in NBA basketball, with that referee betting on games he worked on! Talk about a blow to the credibility of THAT sport!

Everyone of course used these scandals as an excuse to say how great the NFL is, and how it has its act together, bla bla bla. Right. First there was this Michael Vick dog-fighting nonsense. Now we have Spygate!

This week, the NFL lowered the boom on the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick for listening in on the play-calling of the OTHER TEAM. And stealing their signals! Belichick got caught, and he's been fined half a million dollars!!! And the team has had draft picks taken away from them.

It almost makes you want to give up on team sports altogether and follow auto racing, doesn't it? Well, forget that sport, too. This week McLaren got the book thrown at them because one of their guys, chief designer Mike Coughlan, took confidential technical information for Ferrari home with him!! Uh oh. Coughlan's been fired and suspended, and McLaren got docked $100 million and lost all its points, and just handed the constructor's title to Ferrari.

Why the heck do I bother following F1 if THIS is what you get, a team getting all its points taken away from them? Oddly, while the team got points taken away, the points for the McLaren drivers all still stand. So all the points McLaren got may have been thrown out, but they still count anyway for the drivers!!! I don't get it.

What's next? Are we going to learn that Tiger Woods spies on Phil Mickelson's caddy next?! And that it's influencing his decisions on what clubs to use?! This really is a joke. Pro sports is turning into a bad James Bond movie, like one of those Seventies Roger Moore flicks. Or better yet, a spoof of a James Bond movie, because this really is comical.

It makes this a really bad time to be a sports fan. In fact, it makes all of us sports fans look like complete idiots. We're all fools for being fans!! You look at all this nonsense going on in sports, what with the steroids and the spying, and cheating and games being thrown by referees and all that, and it makes you think: why should we even keep following this stuff? The WWE looks pretty good these days compared to these jokers who play the "real " sports, doesn't it? Wait a minute -- they are all on steroids there, too. Aw, to heck with it!!

Really, this is the reason why I've become a big movie fan. At least movies don't throw games or go on steroids!! Why should I invest time following pro sports when NONE of these guys can be trusted to play by the rules or keep these sporting events on the level?! Good question.

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