Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Thought I would post a couple of Hollywood news items.


Seems that Britney Spears' big MTV Video Music Awards return was an embarrassing flop. All the reports call it an "attempted comeback," not a "comeback", which says it all right there. Everyone hated her outfit and hated her singing, and called her too fat. Well, I never did get to see it on the weekend but I guess I didn't miss much. Or maybe I missed quite a bit. I missed yet another big Britney train wreck. Apparently, it wasn't really her singing either, just lip synching.

Can you believe Kevin Federline fell for this woman? I think even Federline has to wonder why he ever fell for this babe in the first place. Certainly the general public has caught on that this woman is a train wreck who is going downhill fast. Britney Spears' career has had it.


Tuned in to TMZ TV and was kind of surprised. I guess I expected more of a tabloid-TV news show, but it sort of was a mix of tabloid news and reality TV, that was the best way to describe it. I guess I expected something more like Inside Edition or something like that, but this effort seemed similar to Real TV or Ripley's Believe it or Not.

I dunno what to make of the show or whether I like it or not. It certainly seems like a sleazy show. But you know what? That's what Hollywood is these days, a sleazy dump of a place filled with weirdoes! I don't blame Harvey Levin one bit for putting on a show that essentially tells the truth about that place instead of the usual fake spin you get from the big PR people for the stars. What a dump Hollywood is, folks!

Incidentally, we now know what Star!TV here in Canada is going to do to replace all that former E! programming that got taken away by Global. CTV made a big deal to bring TMZ TV to Canada, and they're going to stick that show on Star!TV and bring all of Hollywood's sleaze to every television set in the country.

God help us all.


For those wondering about what went down at the box office last weekend, suffice to say nobody went to the theaters. Here's my rant about it here.

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