Sunday, September 23, 2007


Noticed some more names added to Fox Business Network which is due up in October. Peter Barnes is coming aboard -- he used to be at CNBC ages ago. Also, a lady by the name of Nicole Petallides is hopping over from Bloomberg, but she used to work at CNBC, too, at one point. In fact, she worked for Maria Bartiromo. Jenna Lee and Cody Willard are also on board.

Also, radio host Dave Ramsey has been hired to try and do the Suze Orman thing from what I gather.

In the meantime, everyone keeps on talking about whether Fox will go after Maria Bartiromo or Erin Burnett, because of their supposed rivalry and so on. I think people need to calm down. Apparently Maria is under contract through to 2008.

As for Erin, she is quite popular with the guys on Wall Street. Here is a piece Howard Kurtz wrote up about her.

Actually, the real reason I put up this post is because I wanted to put up A picture of gorgeous hottie Erin Burnett for my own amusement. Here she is.

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