Saturday, September 15, 2007


I have been talking about Donald Trump again this week for the millionth time and as you know he is doing a celebrity edition of the Apprentice show.

One of the people rumored to be a potential candidate on the show is the beautiful former Girl of the WB (and CAIRNS BLOG fave), Charisma Carpenter. The hot rumor is that she'll be on the show trying to get hired.

You know what, she'd be perfect. Charisma's young and classy, a fun individual, and would fit right in with all those Miss Universe women and those high rollers in the casinos with her natural charm, animal magnetism and good looks. I could see her becoming fast friends with Ivanka.

Hey, Mr. Trump, why even bother having a show? Save yourself the trouble, man. Hire this chick right now!

Charisma Carpenter is a BAAAAAABE!!!

UPDATE: Rats. Turns out she won't be on the show after all.

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