Sunday, September 16, 2007


Noticed that Fox Business Network named an on-air team for its big launch this October. David Asman, Rebecca Gomez, Cheryl Casone, all kinds of people. Also word on the street is they are going after Ted David, reduced to radio duty at CNBC, and that Liz Claman is a done deal.

I'm now reading that people are trashing the new venture and saying the whole thing is doomed unless Rupert and Roger and the gang are able to get themselves a Money Honey, a BABE. You know what I'm talking about: Maria Bartiromo, Erin Burnett, that sort of person.

Talk about shallow!! People are saying FBN needs babes?! What about credibility? I think it's more important to have credible people on your network. Who cares whether they are babes or not. I noticed they got Stuart Varney on there, which is good. Shows that's what they want over there, credibility, and in the long run that's what will matter on Wall Street. Not this shallow "money honey" business.

Besides, they already have their own Money Honey in place over there. Her name is Alexis Glick, and she's gorgeous!!!

Take that, Maria, Erin, Becky, Trish, Melissa, and all the rest of you CNBC babes.

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VP said...

Alexis Glick, Liz Claman and Rebecca Gomez are all hot babes. FBN is in very good shape.