Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, I have already declared my love for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, and for Miss Universe winners. Now it's time for this blog to blow a big kiss in the direction of those famous pinup models the Playmates.

I gotta say, I love the Playmates, they are all babes! The reason I'm interested in the Playmates is because a lot of these women have gone on from their lowly Playboy posing gig to fame and fortune elsewhere. Now, granted, some of them have met some pretty gruesome ends, too (Dorothy Stratten, Anna Nicole Smith, et al.) but several of them have become rich and famous. We can then look back and say we remember her when she was a centerfold, and look at her now.

Of the most recent ones I'd say I like Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy about equally. They are both pop-culture icons for widely different reasons. Pam is known for babing it up and hanging with rock stars.

Jenny, on the other hand, is a total goofball. It's no surprise to me that Jenny found love with Jim Carrey of all people, because those two are made for each other. I must say, I really like Jenny McCarthy, left. Not only is she smoking hot, she's funny.

I'm also enchanted by Victoria Silvstedt (sexy Swede), Kelly Monaco (sexy Dancing with the Stars champ), and Brande Roderick. Especially Brande (see right).

I remember seeing Brande on TV a year and a half ago when they were doing that Game Show Marathon thing on CBS in prime time. They had Ricki Lake hosting and they showed these classic game shows in prime time, and they had all these celebrity contestants on it. And Brande was on there and I was pulling for her to win, because I just found this woman to be so adorable.

I gotta say, when I see Brande Roderick in the movies or on TV my heart just melts. This woman is gorgeous, and just looks and acts like the girl next door. And she seems so sweet. I want my girlfriend to be like Brande Roderick.

(Then again, there are also days I want my girlfriend to be Lisa Dergan, left. I tend to lust after different Playmates given different days of the week. Anyway I might as well lust after Lisa, because Brande is married now. Rats. )

There are still a few other Playmates I like. I like Shannon Tweed because she used to live in Saskatoon. I also like a lot of the playmates for that reason, too, because they're Canadians. I particularly like Krista Kelly, one of the very few Playmates I have met personally.

There are also some classic-era Playmates I like. Particularly Angela Dorian.
Remember her? She was Playmate of the Year in 1968. She then went on to star in movies using her real name Victoria Vetri. She starred in B-movie stuff like her most famous role in When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. She got rid of the brunette hair and went blonde for that. Personally, I love brunettes and think brunette women are just gorgeous. I saw this woman's Playboy photos from 1968 and she is a knockout! I dunno why she used a pseudonym for her Playboy photo shoot. Maybe she was too shy to use her real name.

Anyway, I just thought I would just write a blurb declaring my love for the Playmates, too. I didn't want these beautiful ladies to feel left out, what with me showering attention on all these cheerleaders and beauty pageant winners in recent days. Why should these babes get all the attention? I think these Playboy women rock.

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