Saturday, September 22, 2007


We interrupt our regular coverage of TV, movies, sports, and girls to tell you about what a big week in politics it was.

On Monday there were the three big byelections in Quebec with everyone winning except for the Liberals. The Liberals were completely shut out, so that raises red flags all over for Stephane Dion.

Now on the heels of the results we hear Gilles Duceppe making noises about pulling the plug on the government after the October 16 throne speech. And that will mean an election. Say what?! I personally do not want another election, I think these guys in Ottawa should make the thing work. But Gilles insists on being completely out to lunch.

Also, there was the big leaders debate in Ontario and from the sounds of it Premier Dalton McGuinty was running scared and on the defensive from John Tory and Howard Hampton all night. So what else is new. I gotta say, McGuinty really is the worst debater ever. But will it mean a darn thing in red Ontario?!

Seems like a lot of people are up at arms over John Tory's proposal to extend funding to these private religious schools. These secular types in the Liberal and NDP parties are going on saying how wrong it is and how it's shades of Stockwell Day, and how creationism is going to be shoved down kids' throats, and on and on. All this nonsense from reporters, as usual.

What's sad is that instead of real debate we are getting name-calling and hysteria. And here's what really is sad to me: on this issue John Tory happens to be absolutely right. Full funding has to be extended everywhere, it's the only fair thing to do. There are a lot of ethnic groups in Ontario looking for faith-based education, and many of them are Jewish, Muslim or Chinese. A lot of these people put their kids in these private schools because they feel public schools have let them down or don't serve their needs. These folks need a viable option for their kids; shoving the public system down their throats won't do. I'm glad people support the public system in Ontario and want to keep it strong, but give people a choice. I've also met people in Ontario who run private schools and they'll give kids a good education, as long as these schools get funded and live up to the same standards everyone else lives up to. No one is suggesting they'll get creationism shoved down their throats or any of that baloney.

I think I will weigh in some more on the Ontario vote and give an official CAIRNS BLOG editorial endorsement --- which I am sure will surprise nobody --- soon.

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