Friday, September 14, 2007


Thought I would share my thoughts about some of these awards shows on TV, since, well, they've been in the news lately.

A lot of people still railing on about this Britney Spears/MTV award show debacle that I never got to see on TV. Rumor now has it that she will appear on the Emmys this Sunday and apologize for blowing the MTV Music Video Awards show. You know what? She should not go on the Emmys and apologize, she shouldn't go near that show. She should just stay home. If she goes on the Emmys, she definitely will end up doing something nutty, like have a wardrobe malfunction on TV or something. And we can't have that.

Also, what's with Ryan Seacrest hosting the Emmys now, too?! Aren't people fed up with him being everywhere?

I'm going to tune in to the Emmys to see all Hollywood TV types have their last hurrah before they all go on strike this October. Oh yeah, and the new TV season starts in about a week.

Noticed that Jon Stewart got asked to come back to do the Oscars again. I gotta say, I am really surprised he was asked back, because he wasn't that big a hit the first time he hosted. In fact, a lot of people thought he bombed, but here he is coming back. I guess nobody else would do it.

The other thing is -- I think people look at him these days and think the guy is too tied in with the political scene in general and the Democratic Party in particular. He's different from other comedians that way. You think of Leno or Letterman or Conan, and you think "funny" or "they're lame", or "they were a lot better 20 years ago", and so on. But with Stewart you think Barack Obama or somebody like that.

If they want to have a political awards show next year for all these liberals in Hollywood, well, fine, just don't expect people at home to want to see politics shoved down their throats.

That's it!

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