Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I still have no Internet at home, but don't worry. I still have my TV and that's all that really matters. TV is truly one thing no one can do without, as I have found out quickly. But computers? Who cares. The Internet, I can do without for a while. Miss my favorite shows on TV? That I cannot do.

But I haven't been watching too much of this summer dreck this year-- junk like Hell's Kitchen and Big Brother, and So You Think You Can Dance. Plus there's all those new singing shows, too. The Singing Bee and all that junk. Who needs it.

Not all the offerings are bad, though. Any of you watch The Power of 10? They poll the people out there in the US on all sorts of insane questions, and the contestants have to guess how many people answered these poll questions a certain way.

There are only five questions you need to get right to win 10 million bucks, but it's harder than it looks. Lots of people have gone down the tubes early in this game, because nobody knows what these people out there in America are thinking!

But nobody really goes home with nothing, you just go home with 1/10th of what you got. The power of 10-- get it? At least it's original, which is more than what you can say for all these other game shows where you risk it all and go home with nothing all the time.

Drew Carey hosts and he's pretty good on this show. But I wonder why they are putting this stuff on in prime time. This stuff really needs to go in daytime, where it belongs, and leave prime time to the sitcoms (which they don't put on anymore, I notice). But I guess daytime is reserved for Oprah these days, so they have to put the game shows somewhere. And whatever happened to real game show hosts? These days the hosts are all standup comedians like Carey, and Jimmy Kimmel and Howie Mandel. Weird.

And everyone on these entertainment shows like ET and Access Hollywood is boohooing the death of legendary talk show host Merv Griffin. Well, at least that's better than seeing them cover Britney Spears and all her problems.

That's it for now.

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