Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Welcome back to THE CAIRNS BLOG with some random news and views from me about things that have been going on during the time I've been gone from the blog.


Ahem. Paula Zahn has signed off at CNN.
Also, noticed Rupert Murdoch finally won his bid to take over the Wall Street Journal so I wonder what it means for his new Fox Business Network, hee hee hee.

Also, Tom Snyder died last week, which is too bad because I used to watch his show on CBS and his radio show on ABC. It's funny because I remember him from that and not from his Tomorrow Show days.

Other grim TV news news: I noticed there was a blurb on one of these TV news sites somewhere which stated that "a prominent LA anchor" was off the air due to cancer, and my thought was "don't tell me Hal Fishman has cancer."

Turns out Hal Fishman did have cancer- colon cancer, diagnosed only a few days ago. Now just today, I found out he died. Wow, that was quick. Here's the story from SFGate and the link to KTLA. That's too bad, I used to see him anchor the news when my cable had KTLA from LA. Grim news.


Noticed that Kevin Harvick won the Montreal NASCAR Busch race but I didn't have too much of a chance to follow the race this year due to various other commitments I've had. I did notice the lineup of that race was a very strange one- all these guys who fled CART. Patrick Carpentier, Max Papis etc.

Incidentally, why the heck was this race such a big deal? It was only the BUSCH Series, people, and what's worse, lots of no-names and Canadians were competing in it.

And everyone in Toronto was booing because David Beckham didn't play in that MLS game against FC the other night. Well, what do you expect from him? Big celebrity! I'm convinced he's in this league just to hang out in Hollywood. Who cares about the fans.

Barry Bonds finally hit 755 and it's been neat seeing these stations carry his every at-bat. Now I'm waiting for him to hit 756 and get the record over with before he is indicted.


Noticed THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM did pretty well to the tune of $70 mil its opening weekend.


Finally, it was sad and scary news last week with the Minnesota bridge collapse in the Twin Cities. It's actually a big issue everywhere, these bridges. Crumbling infrastructure is a huge issue these days. People worry their local bridge will be the next to fall apart. Anyway, that was quite shocking.

That's it for now.

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