Sunday, August 26, 2007


Have been getting a laugh in recent days over these legal pundits and Hollywood-watchers going on all these talk shows. They are all insane because Lindsay Lohan is apparently not going to face cocaine charges, and because Nicole Richie only served, what, an hour in jail?

These folks like Nancy Grace were frothing at the mouth over this, saying how these people should be locked up and that they were dangers to society. And so on.

I laugh at all this. Instead of going after these Hollywood party freaks, why doesn't Nancy and the gang go nuts over real criminals? You know the kind- murderers, armed robbers, car thieves-- those guys. Going after Nicole and Lindsay seems like a waste of time to me.

But it sure is good for the TV ratings.


In other news I noticed that Anchorwoman, that FOX show featuring fake wannabe TV news anchor Lauren Jones trying to do the news in Tyler, Texas, has been cancelled after just one week. Hey, it's all my fault. I forgot to tune in.

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