Thursday, July 12, 2007


There was an interesting post a few days ago by Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune about walking out on movies.

Usually I don't like to walk out on movies. It's bad enough if you waste your money on a bad movie. But walking out compounds matters, because it means you threw all your money away. I've walked out of movies for various reasons, usually because I was bored out of my skull.

The very first movie I walked out of early was one of those Pink Panther movies starring Peter Sellers. I was a kid at the time and recall that I was quite disappointed that the Pink Panther cartoon character wasn't in more of the movie, so we left. Now I happen to think the Pink Panther movies are classics but I sure didn't feel that way at that time.

Other movies I walked out of:

Con Air---- As I recall it, my mind was on other things during that movie and I really didn't enjoy myself, so I left. Usually movies help me get my mind off my troubles; not this night.

Bedazzled-- - No such distractions to blame for this fiasco, this was an absolute debacle from start to finish. An utterly lame remake starring Elizabeth Hurley as the Devil. I was in love with Liz because of the Austin Powers movies and was hoping the critics were all wrong. Well, the critics were right--- it was a boring, witless movie. I walked out, shortly after that scene where Hurley wore that hot red bikini. After that I figured I had gotten my money's worth and that was it.

A Very Brady Sequel--- Question here is not why I walked out but why I went to it in the first place. Answer was I was bored out of my skull. I was bored enough to go to the movie, and bored enough to walk right out.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show--- Probably my most interesting walkout story. Our high school graduation class went to see this movie en masse at the local theater as a midnight movie. We all were there throwing toast at each other and all that, but everyone there walked out in the middle of it. I don't know why we all did; it was really strange. I think most of these kids wanted to spend the rest of their high school graduation night getting drunk.

There was also some lame action movie that I used up some free movie coupon on, and I'm quite glad that it was free because I just was not into that movie one bit. If you are going to walk out of a movie, make sure it's a free one.

Of course, there was also the time when I left a movie before it concluded because the projector broke down, but in fact I was not enjoying the movie anyway and was very happy the projector broke down, because it meant I got a free pass and could go see a better movie for free! That's it.

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