Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Much of the dust has settled from the CTV takeover of CHUM. Quite a few questions have been answered already. There is going to be a transition period of about three years so that Rogers-owned Citytv can leave the building; Fashion Television will stay on Citytv for the coming season, but it now officially belongs to CTV and Rogers will need to decide whether it wants to buy these shows for air on Citytv after the season is over; the A-Channels will likely be rebranded (again); and Rogers will sell its Winnipeg and Vancouver OMNI operations to meet CRTC ownership regulations. (These were operated as faith-based stations. The Ontario and Alberta OMNI operations fall under a CRTC exemption for ethnic/multilingual stations and as such do not have to be sold.)

Of course, CTV gets the ChumCity building at Queen and John streets in Toronto, and they plan to renovate the place a little bit. One question is still up in the air, and that is the fate of the Citytv truck that is stuck in the side of the building. In fact it's a bit of a landmark in Toronto, that silly truck.

Supposedly, all the Citytv stuff belongs to Rogers, including the Citytv sign and the truck, so the thinking was that CTV will need to take down the sign and give Rogers the Citytv truck. The big rumor was that the truck was going to come down today! But there are questions now about whether this truck stays or goes. Apparently the ChumCity building and that truck have heritage status, and as such they need city approval to take it down.

Isn't this truck a part of the building? If so, it really ought to belong to CTV, because they own the building! What the people at CTVglobemedia really ought to do is keep the truck and repaint it in CP24 colours. Heck, CTVglobemedia owns CP24 now, that ain't going anywhere! I say CTV gets the truck, while Rogers gets all intellectual property rights to the name Citytv and all the colors associated with it for the vehicles. Rogers can get their own truck and slap Citytv on it, and have that thing come out of their own building! Man, they should just come to some agreement and get it over with.

Who knew that the most contentious issue in this whole transfer of ownership would be that freaking truck in the side of the building? Funny stuff.

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