Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well it has been another big week for TV news people getting the boot.

Found out that CNN is giving the can to Andrea Koppel, daughter of Ted Koppel. Contract wasn't renewed. Apparently she is getting replaced by Jessica Yellin who left ABC.

Also found out that gorgeous newsbabe Rudi Bakhtiar is done at Fox News. Apparently she's been off the air for a while anyways. Well, well. First Rudi's booted from CNN and now she's left Fox News. That woman just cannot keep a job.

What's with all these news people getting canned? This is why people are turned off by TV news careers-- especially guys thinking of careers in TV news. Too much of this crazy stuff is happening. If Andrea Koppel isn't safe, no one is. Maybe she can apply to Fox News, they're hiring for that business channel they have going. Maybe not.

Also, in other news CBS News says it is standing by its embattled losing news anchor Katie Couric, and claims she has a five-year contract. I think this is just damage control.

By the way, earlier this week Court TV finally announced its big changes. It will be known as truTV, to reflect the true-life format that they plan on showing come January. Well, they can go ahead and make the changes without me, I think this is garbage. It was bad enough that reality TV ruined prime time, but now it is ruining entire networks and putting them out of business.

Finally, some more useless information. I learned that Rogers Sportsnet added a new reporter recently by the name of Evanka Osmak. Turns out she worked in Yuma, Arizona in the sunny United States! Here's her bio from the station she worked for in Yuma. I did some Googling and found out she also did some time at Rogers Television Mississauga, hosting shows there. Rogers Mississauga!! When was she there? I think she was there after I left. She went from there to a radio job in Orillia before leaving for the sunny United States. Now she's doing sports in Canada. Interesting. I should think of going to the 'States, too. One of these days.

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