Monday, July 09, 2007



What did I tell you? I said that all that Katie Couric needed to do was open her big mouth and she would be in big trouble. Just like Rosie O'Donnell, and Don Imus, and all these other people who opened their mouths and put a foot in it. Well, Katie wittingly or unwittingly may have just committed anchorwoman suicide.

Read this article on the embattled CBS Evening News anchor in the latest New York. Among other things, she is saying she wouldn't have taken this anchor job if she knew she would be doing what she was doing now, because they had initially wanted a much more chattier news program with more interviews and longer features and the like. Instead, she's stuck behind a desk, bingo-calling this boring hard news broadcast every night.

Throw her overboard, Les! End the agony now, and put Bob Schieffer back in. That's my reaction to this deadly piece. Although I must say, it's already too late for the CBS newscast. Too many of their best reporters and newsbabes have already quit/been fired from this sinking ship; people like Trish Regan, Elizabeth Kaledin and Mika Brzezinski. So this newscast is ruined no matter what. Last we heard, Mika was seen live on MSNBC and all over Youtube, setting her script on fire and putting her copy in the shredder because it had an item about Paris Hilton in it.

I almost think this New York magazine story was planted. You think maybe Katie is greasing the skids for her departure from the show by saying she'd rather do something else?! Like do a morning show, or 60 Minutes?! I wouldn't be surprised. There's also some crazy story in that article about how a stressed Katie apparently slapped one of her producers on the arm over some word he wanted her to say on the newscast, and she refused.

Talk about a bombshell of an article, ladies and gentlemen.

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