Thursday, July 05, 2007


I hate to pass on hot rumors but there's a hot one going that Dan Patrick may be on the brink of leaving ESPN and might announce it on his show Thursday.

Check out this story about it. Wow, if Patrick leaves that will be a big blow to the network; they've lost a ton of talent in recent years including Keith Olbermann, Rich Eisen, Craig Kilborn et al. And whatever happened to Roy Firestone?! I notice Kevin Frazier is now rotting away at Entertainment Tonight. Not that he was so great, but they've lost a lot of people.

Where could Patrick go? We understand Patrick is NOT leaving for the gig on The Price is Right. Apparently he was auditioning for it and finally said no. But here's what I am wondering: is he going to CBS--- to replace Imus?!?! On all-sports WFAN?!

Stay tuned. Something might still get worked out over at ESPN.

UPDATE: No new announcement on Thursday, apparently Patrick has not quit yet.

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