Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, here we go. The Apprentice is coming back from the dead, all right--- NBC just announced it. But fans who hoped this series might possibly "get back to basics" and get rid of the fake wannabe-actors and the product placements are in for a big letdown. The next Apprentice cycle will be Celebrity Apprentice, with a bunch of celebs vying for a job with the Donald.

Just what we need. Instead of fake wannabe actors looking for a job with Donald Trump, we're going to get real ones, these D-listers. No doubt we'll also probably get Rob and Amber fighting for a job with Trump. Or maybe if they can't get them they'll get Jonathan and Victoria. Maybe they'll get Adam Mesh from Average Joe, the rich day-trader dude. I kid you not. They'll get these actresses and these standup comedians. Maybe they'll get some more ex-Olympians, too. I'm sure they'll place a call to Amanda Beard and get her on the show, now that she's a famous pinup model. The one person not joining the show is Rosie O'Donnell, though she was considered, apparently. Really?!

Actually I think the reason they are going with celebrities is because all these normal people from the real world have decided they want nothing to do with this show and do not want to appear on it, period. Not only are you likely to get fired if you appear on this series, but you're likely to be embarrassed on national television. Plus, your credibility afterwards is shot; you're tarred as a wannabe actor. Who wants to appear on this three-ring Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey effort, other than celebrities?!

You think Kevin Reilly is looking at what is happening to NBC from his new offices at the Fox Network and just shaking his head in disbelief? This sounds like a terrible idea for a show. Word is Reilly was the guy who hated this Apprentice show in the first place and wanted this embarrassing train wreck of a series gone. But he was replaced by Ben Silverman, who single-handedly saved this show. You wanna bet that this celebrity edition is perhaps his idea? I wouldn't be surprised, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's a GOOD idea.

Are they going to go back to LA, too?! They might as well, if this is what they've dreamed up!!!

This is truly a sure sign that your show is on its last legs, when they have to bring in the celebrities and these other idiots to try and prop your show up. Reminds me of what happened with The Mole, the reality show that went straight downhill with celebrity editions; same for The Weakest Link which also went in the tank with celebrity editions. Holding a celebrity edition is the end of your television show. It's not a "jump the shark" moment--- it's an "end is near" moment.

The heck with this phony "celebrity edition"!! What's left of this show's credibility as a show about business is officially up in smoke. If Trump wants to hire a celebrity, there's really no need to even hold a show. He can just go ahead and hire THIS guy (see picture below).

(Pictured: Henry "Jump the Shark" Winkler).

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