Monday, July 02, 2007


You know, I do not live in Toronto anymore but I keep following the sports there. It's a big week for the World Under 20s scccer tournament and people in Toronto are going crazy over it. CBC Sports has been on it like crazy and covering it, and providing live streams.

Also, the Toronto FC team in MLS has been selling out its games all year and are the hottest ticket in town. Hotter than the Leafs.

I am not surprised. Toronto goes crazy for soccer every time a World Cup is played anyway. It's about time Toronto had some real soccer games played in the city on a regular basis, by top-ranked teams like the ones playing at this tournament now. I would say soccer is fast becoming the number one sport in Toronto. Yes, I said number one. I know everyone in Toronto says they cheer for the Leafs but I'm convinced that is all lip service, especially now that the team sucks. I saw more people in Toronto go nuts watching these soccer games on TV in these watering holes and on the streets. I get the impression these Leafs fans all live in the suburbs outside Toronto and that soccer is taking over within the city itself. But who knows, a lot of bandwagon jumping goes on and the real reason why people follow soccer seems to have more to do with it being an excuse to get plastered in local bars.

Also, this week is a big one for fans of auto racing as the Grand Prix of Toronto is back again... with a new sponsor. Steelback Brewery is taking over as the title sponsor this year from Molson, so they get to take charge of the beer-and-babes-fest that is the Grand Prix. That's all this thing is, folks! Here's a profile on Steelback and also Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto, both of whom are taking on the giants like Molson and Labatts. Steelback also sponsors the Argos, I notice.

It's times like this that I miss living in Toronto, but I plan to get my auto racing fix regardless. There's a ChampCar race coming up in Edmonton and I am thinking of going to that (weather permitting). Besides, sporting events like the World Under-20 and the ChampCar World Series are no big endorsement for living in Toronto, anyway. You can go to these things in other parts of Canada. In fact, auto racing fans are far better off living in Montreal, there's a lot more happening there. At least they have F1 and NASCAR at Circuit-Gilles Villeneuve, and Mont-Tremblant is not far away for the ChampCar fans.

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