Friday, June 01, 2007


Some more TV junk to throw at you:

Here's a couple of profiles of the new boss over at NBC Ben Silverman. In addition to putting on good comedy shows on various networks, he's also a big reality TV fan with a long history of bringing this junk to the United States from overseas. All I will say about that is good grief. If NBC really thinks reality TV is the future then they are in more trouble than anyone realizes. But on the flip side, this guy likes comedy and that's good.

This regime change means possible new life for one show: apparently Mark Burnett and the gang with The Apprentice are being asked to extend their NBC pickup option time frame by another week-- as the new boss might be interested in re-hiring the Donald after he "quit" just last week. Donald quit, and then NBC programming boss Kevin Reilly was fired, and apparently that's good news to Mark Burnett because he had a lot of problems with the previous regime and claims they didn't like his show (I know he was mad because NBC kept on moving the show around, and so on). I wonder if maybe there was a ton of NBC interference in the production of last season's train wreck Apprentice show, it would explain why that show was moved to LA and ended up being such a big disaster. Maybe if the show comes back they'll actually attempt to improve it? We hope.

In Law & Order news Fred Thompson has officially quit the show to clear the decks for a run for President, and Jeremy Sisto will join the cast as one of the cops, replacing Milena Govich who apparently is getting the boot. Rumor has it that the new D.A. will actually be Sam Waterston's character Jack McCoy, who has been E.A.D.A. for such a long time that it is a joke. (UPDATE- Here's a story on it.)

On the Lot on FOX has been cut back from two nights a week to one--- they have eliminated the results show and will air the remaining episodes on Tuesday.

Finally, Canada's very own CBC had their good-news upfront this week. Here's John Doyle's take. I take it he's not impressed.

That's it for right now. Don't forget, two more Sopranos left and rumors afoot about a big bloodbath and lots of people getting killed.

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