Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, the long search to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right continues. That's right, they still don't have a host to replace him, these fools at CBS!!

Apparently they've floated around a number of names: George Hamilton, Mark Steines (Entertainment Tonight), Dave Price (the Early Show), John O'Hurley (Family Feud), any number of them. By all rights the job really ought to go to Todd Newton, who hosts a Price is Right game in Las Vegas, live. But I take it he isn't a big enough name for CBS.

The most bizarre rumor out there now is Rosie O'Donnell taking over, and all I have to say about that is good grief! This show will be FINISHED if Rosie takes over. This is someone's idea of a bad joke, surely. Roger Friedman is reporting at Fox News that it probably won't happen anyway, Rosie's bound to get better offers elsewhere. And speaking of that article--- he even is reporting that apparently Bob Barker is responsible for nixing the sale of these old Price is Right episodes in reruns! Apparently the story is that he hates these former Barker's Beauties so much that he's refusing to air the reruns in syndication, just so he can cut these women out of receiving any royalties! He especially hates Dian Parkinson because she sued him for sexual harrassment. I wouldn't be surprised if there's bad blood, I've heard stories about tension at that show. What's with daytime TV anyway? Can't everyone just get along?! Anyway, so much for that.

I read that Drew Carey is now being considered for the host job. Well, at least he's better than Rosie, but I don't know about him, either. I don't doubt he's capable of hosting a game show, I'm not sure it's THIS one. Isn't he committed to The Power of 10?! I heard he was hosting that.

You know, I wouldn't rule out CBS trying out a whole bunch of guest hosts for a few weeks or months to see who the best fit is for this job, and then make that person the permanent host. They did that with The Late Late Show and it worked out fine in the end, because they chose Craig Ferguson. They should just take their time and choose the right host.

Sure, it's difficult. The wrong host can kill a show. The Match Game didn't survive without Gene Rayburn, and Let's Make a Deal never survived without Monty Hall. Of course, Jeopardy! survived without Art Fleming. But that show was off the air for a number of years. Maybe what The Price is Right really needs to do is go into mothballs for a few years and then come back, bigger and better than ever. Just like Jeopardy! did. Because let's face it, the show as we know it is pretty much over.

Bye bye, Bob.

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