Monday, June 11, 2007


Well, as someone who was very late to the Sopranos train to begin with, I am so very glad I didn't waste the last several years obsessing over this show like these fans have been doing. Because last night's finale was the biggest letdown and absolutely the worst series ending in television history.

I thought the freaking cable had gone out! They're there sitting in the diner waiting for something to happen, and then they cut to black!!! Maybe this was their joke about how this show was on HBO and made cable TV what it is. So they pull the plug! But I was going "what the heck?!!" I didn't appreciate it, there was no closure whatsoever to this show. It was a total non-ending. I don't even care whether Tony ended up getting whacked or not, I just wanted some semblance of moving on to the next chapter. And we didn't get any of that!

Instead they just messed with our heads (as Deadline Hollywood pointed out). I'm with Nikki Finke who says this stuff is the reason why people hate Hollywood.

There will still be people who think this ending was brilliant. Right, tell that to all the people cancelling HBO today. All I will say is simply this--- congratulations, David Chase, on throwing the Emmy Award for the final season of The Sopranos into the Atlantic Ocean.

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