Sunday, June 17, 2007


Found out surfing the Net that Dennis Publishing in the US has been sold to private equity firm Quadrangle, which will take over the Maxim, Stuff and Blender titles. Not included in the sale is The Week; plus, Dennis' UK operations are not affected, so they hang on to the British editions of Maxim and Stuff, both of which are much different from the tame US versions.

The word on Stuff is that they may just close that title down completely! They consider the other two titles more important than money-losing Stuff, which just bleeds money away from Maxim. So the rumor is that this is going to be the end of Stuff.

The guys' magazine market is just in the tank right now--- FHM already closed down a few months ago, and it doesn't help that all these religious nuts are on the warpath, getting stores like Wal-mart to boot these titles off the newsstands. You know who wins in this scenario if Stuff is closed down? Playboy. Because all the gorgeous babes (ie. Amanda Beard) will have no choice but to pose for them if both Stuff and FHM go out of business.

Of course, they could also pose for Esquire and try and be The Sexiest Woman Alive. Those guys are doing their whole "reveal" over there, but they only go for big names from Hollywood. They will probably name Lindsay Lohan or some other loser as their "sexiest woman", when in actual fact they really ought to look harder and maybe give the title to someone truly deserving such as Carmen Electra or someone like that.

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