Sunday, June 24, 2007


I really like YouTube. I am amusing myself going back looking over all these fun old clips from these shows that used to be on TV and some of these old commercials. Quite a few people have been putting old clips of TV shows on YouTube direct from the vaults, to give you a sense of what it was like to watch TV in the old days.

This is all stuff I wish I had been able to tape on a VCR, but of course we didn't own a VCR back then. I thought I would post these links to these items because I am in a nostalgic mood, and because there's really too much junk on TV these days. Who wants to see Age of Love?! Yecch.

Check out this fun stuff. Such as:

Open to the Paul Lynde Show (1972) - a family sitcom starring this guy Lynde trying to pass himself off as a family man. Right.
Get Smart.
Wonder Woman.
Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century.
BJ and the Bear.
Greatest American Hero.
McClain's Law.
The Lucy Show.
The Mothers-in-Law - old show from the sixties produced by Desi Arnaz.

He & She- Sixties sitcom starring Richard Benjamin and the too-sexy-for-TV Paula Prentiss. She's a babe! Also, here's a promo for the show.
Supertrain-- talk about bad television. Just the opening is awful enough. One of the greatest train wrecks in TV history (pardon the pun.)
And see you next week on Hawaii Five-O.

Fun stuff from the news:

NBC News Update with the famous Golden Girl Jessica Savitch, and more here and here. And here's one featuring Tom Snyder of all people!
A daytime NBC News Update featuring that familiar news face in the mornings Edwin Newman.
From CBS News this is Newsbreak.
Walter Cronkite's final closing on the CBS Evening News. Plus an extended look at the final broadcast. And Walter's convention coverage from 1956.
Plus here's the open for World News Tonight from the 1980s.
A tribute to Frank Reynolds of World News Tonight who had passed away.

Fun Saturday Morning Stuff:
Here's the open from the Sylvester and Tweety show here, here and here, and from the Bugs Bunny/ Road Runner show commercial breaks here and the closing credits here. Both shows were on CBS. Also there were plenty of ads on there for Cap't Crunch, McDonald's featuring Ronald McDonald and so on.
Plus, here's Shazam! And for Secrets of Isis, Space Academy, and Ark: II.
And here is the iconic CBS segment In the News.
Cartoon stuff: here's the open for Speed Buggy!!!
Ancient Underdog stuff.
Also, for those who are interested here are some more fun Saturday morning ads and they give you an idea of what we watched on TV growing up.
Also, this isn't really Saturday morning stuff, but these are promos from ABC for The Flintstones and The Jetsons.

Game show stuff:
Early Price is Right, and here's Price is Right with Dennis James hosting from the Seventies!!! Where's Bob Barker?!

Early High Rollers with Alex Trebek.
Hollywood Squares.
The Joker's Wild with Jack Barry who used to host the disgraced Fifties big money game show Twenty-One that was all crooked and fixed.
Tic Tac Dough.
Name That Tune.
And here's Stan Lee appearing on To Tell the Truth.

Telethon stuff:
Here's some interesting stuff from the Jerry Lewis Labour Day Telethon.

From 1977 the closing to the EEEEEEDGE of Night! (Shown on CBC in Canada.)

An old Miss Universe clip from 1980 when Shawn Weatherly won for the USA.


CBS' NFL Today from the Seventies.
The NBA on CBS Sports.
NBC's World Series coverage from 1980. Here and here.

Political stuff: ads from 1980 for Jimmy Carter and 1984 for Ronald Reagan.

Old network promos from CBS here and here from 1976, here and here from the late 1970s. And here for The Betty White Show, and here for Flying High, WKRP, and Mary. ABC promos here, here and here. and NBC here and here. And here, for the famous fall schedule that was junked by Fred Silverman after just two months. And from 1979.

Finally, here's a really old clip of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert from their old At the Movies TV show that they did. Notice they didn't get around to doing the thumbs-up, thumbs down thing yet.

That's it for now.

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