Wednesday, June 13, 2007



Being stuck in frozen Canada I cannot get TV access to the BBC Apprentice show with Sir Alan Sugar. I've instead gotten by watching his shows uploaded to YouTube and also highlight clips on the Internet.

Unlike Donald Trump's laughable Apprentice effort in the US, Sir Alan's show in Britain is still a big hit. The BBC has shown the actual Apprentice show and then a special "you're fired" show every week, where they interview the person who got the boot. It's been quite a season. One of the candidates on this show, Katie, actually withdrew from the finale. That's right, she quit. Not only that, but she was fired from her real job!

Here's the liveblog by the Guardian of tonight's finale won by Simon. And here's the other liveblog by TVScoop.

Incidentally, Donald Trump has unveiled his big idea for a new show. Something about turning hard-partying women into ladies or something like that. Maybe Trump thinks he's got experience in this area, since he did such a great job with Tara Conner. What a lame idea for a show. Who cares about him.

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