Thursday, June 28, 2007


Biggest waste of time ever in my humble estimation. I don't know why there was such a big fight to book this babe, Paris Hilton was completely uninteresting. Larry King could have been done the interview in three or four minutes, there was nothing to talk about, really. Just the same old nonsense we already knew before. Boring.

Now, everyone's accusing CNN now of fluff journalism and pandering to celebrities. Covering Paris, and Anna Nicole, and all that. I know Anderson Cooper had that big sit-down with Angelina Jolie. So everyone is accusing them of being obsessed these days with covering fluff. Listen, the other networks have been far worse than CNN in covering celebrities, believe me. Have you seen the coverage on Fox News and especially MSNBC? MSNBC is far worse than CNN at covering Paris Hilton-type stories. At least CNN will still give you hard NEWS! That's it.

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Cindi said...

You didn't think she was sincere?