Saturday, June 09, 2007


Some catching up on the world of news--

Uh, Bob Barker retired from the Price is Right earlier this week, yet they are having trouble finding a replacement for him so Barker says he'd be happy to come back until they find a replacement. Well, maybe they'll make him do this show until he dies.

Also, new NBC boss Ben Silverman says he's interested in Rosie O'Donnell for his network. To which I go "wtf" (excuse my language)?!

Anaheim won the Stanley Cup and nobody cares, really. The most memorable thing about that whole final series was Don Cherry's appearance on NBC, where he called for a return to fighting in the NHL. That appearance was classic-- he trashed Brett Hull's winning non-goal from 1999's Stanley Cup, he just was on a roll. They even talked about that goal that Ottawa supposedly kicked in and mentioned how they play soccer in Sweden, and talked about how beautiful the women from Sweden are--- just classic. Needless to say NBC lucked out.

In auto racing news, this week is the Canadian Grand Prix and next week is Le Mans, and I thought I would mention that because nobody ever mentions Le Mans in the media around here and I always have to remind myself that it's on next week.

And finally, Tony Soprano's fate hangs in the balance as the greatest TV series ever The Sopranos ends on Sunday night.

This stinks--- Bob Barker and Tony Soprano leave TV the same week. Why bother tuning in to television anymore, everyone's off the air.

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