Sunday, June 17, 2007


And you are going "what?! I thought the old season just wrapped up!" It did, just a couple of weeks ago, but the rules are different in cable TV. So Entourage begins tonight with the Medellin shoot under way. Hopefully, tonight's episode on HBO will have an actual ending to it, unlike last week's pathetic Sopranos piece of junk.

Also, The 4400 comes back with a new season starting tonight on USA, and TNT launches another season of The Closer beginning tomorrow, and AMC has some new show about advertising coming up July 19 called Mad Men. They have been doing promos on that show for a while.

Thank goodness for cable TV. Otherwise we would be stuck watching network junk like America's Got Talent, On the Lot, Pirate Master, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother (yes, it is still on) and other boring reality dreck.

Though I kind of like Last Comic Standing. When you think of it, though, it's really sad when the best reality show on the air is Last Comic Standing. It really is.

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