Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Been reading about how Eli Roth has been moaning about the poor box office for Hostel: Part II and that he is blaming the movie's problems on these video pirates. They are sneaking in and using these webcams, or else they are getting these preview copies that are supposed to go to the press and these are being smuggled to these pirates, who splash them all over the Internet.

It's turning into a big problem for Michael Moore as well--- his movie Sicko was made available on the Internet, all due to these pirates. It got leaked onto YouTube, apparently, and he's complained about it. YouTube has since taken the clips down. Anyway these independent filmmakers are really mad at the pirates, they feel their movies are getting hurt the most by this. Doesn't seem to affect Fantastic Four or this other studio stuff, though. Fantastic Four just rakes it in no matter what, regardless of pirating or bad reviews from critics, or any of these other factors. But Sicko doesn't have that guaranteed captive audience. You know, I kind of have the same worries about these pirates. If it kills enough box office, these independent flicks will get the brunt of the damage. And we'll be left with nothing but the usual studio test-marketed stuff from Hollywood with no originality or creativity to it.

Not that I ever feel sorry for Michael Moore, but still...

I also understand Entourage might try a storyline about pirates possibly leaking one of Vince Chase's movies onto the Internet, affecting box office. I heard that maybe Medellin gets pirated. Anyway, that's what might happen, so look out for that you Entourage fans. Anyway piracy is a huge deal for Hollywood and it's affecting some of the current releases.

On a side note, I know Canada has been getting blamed for all the piracy going on and peiople having been blasting Canada and going on and on. I think Canada gets a bad rap. This movie piracy is happening all over the world, not just in Canada. Methinks the people blaming Canada are just trying to lobby to get the laws in this country toughened up against this sort of stuff.

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