Monday, June 25, 2007


Just another update on the happenings from the land of TV news. Not much to report except this Paris Hilton big-get nonsense that I don't really care about. I read that Larry King landed a big get interview with Paris Hilton when Paris gets out of jail. This after these other networks decided they didn't want to pay a million dollars to get a big get interview with Paris' pockets; I suppose they all decided Paris was too unpopular. For the record, CNN says they are not paying any money for this interview.

Yes, Paris gets out of jail tomorrow, finally, so get ready for all the news reports about that. I am more interested in the Conrad Black trial verdict. That ought to happen soon, they're going to the jury.

Read a report that Brian Williams is bleeding more viewers than Katie Couric. Well, great, I guess they are going to give Brian the boot now and replace him with Matt Lauer. That ought to make Dan Rather happy. Did you see Lauer's interview with the two princes William and Harry? That got big ratings on NBC. That's the future of the news business right there, big get interviews with big gets. Anyway, it is sad times for Brian Williams and Katie Couric. Life in the anchor chair is no good.

I was wondering who would be next to get the boot in TV news and it turned out to be Bill McCuddy over at Fox News, the entertainment reporter there. He's getting canned, and he'll be replaced by some babe Jill Dobson who was at Star magazine. Who cares about that. And Marysol Castro is leaving ABC. Who cares about that, either.

Entertainment news is all the rage these days. Heck, I should know.

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