Tuesday, June 26, 2007


After getting off to a big start with Spidey and the Pirates of the Caribbean 3, things have gone south in a big hurry in Hollywood. Hopes for a record at the box office this year are fading fast. To blame is Evan Almighty and the almighty bath that it took at the theaters last weekend (32 mil smackeroos). Plus people are complaining there is a sequel slump; plus there could be a horror slump and even a cartoon slump going on.

The moment of truth has arrived at the theaters, folks, as far as box office revenues are concerned. Tomorrow, Bruce Willis (pictured) is back with Live Free or Die Hard. Friday is Ratatouille, big Pixar cartoon. Next Wednesday is Transformers and the Wednesday after that is the latest Harry Potter movie.

We will know soon enough whether these movies do well enough to make this a big year for Hollywood. But right now it is looking like it might not be. I noticed the guys at Cinematical were talking about it the other day on the podcast over there, and they seem downcast and downbeat about the movies coming up-- as if there's nothing to look forward to!

Rush Hour III is coming soon. Who cares about that.

P.S. --- Paris Hilton is finally out of jail. Whoopee!!

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