Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I know 'my blog is hibernating this week, but here's an interesting article to read about.

It's a Hollywood Reporter, Esq. piece on Anonymous Lawyer Author Jeremy Blachman, who also has an interesting blog. He's a Harvard law grad and a published author, and he's been seeking work in LA doing writing for TV. He's been trying to get his Anonymous Lawyer book made into a show for TV.

You know, I'd like to do this for a living, too, write for TV. It would be nice, though, first, if I was actually living in Los Angeles --- then I would actually have a shot of scheduling actual meetings with people. From a purely practical standpoint I'd need to be there, fighting earthquakes and the like. Oh, and the article mentions other lawyers-turned screenwriters like Marc Guggenheim, Peter Blake (again), Jeff Pinkner (LOST), and other cool people.

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