Friday, June 29, 2007


Sad news from ABC-- another film critic has left the movie theater for good. Joel Siegel, who is known to readers of THE CAIRNS BLOG as that guy who walked out of Clerks II and loudly trashed the movie in the theater before storming out, has died. Colon cancer.

I find it interesting that he kept on working right to the end--- I guess being a film critic is such a good gig that nobody ever stops. You just keep going at it until you drop, even if you have cancer. But now I kind of understand why Siegel stormed out of Clerks II. Life is too short to be wasted at a movie you don't like.


Well, the NFL announced it is shutting down NFL Europa, formerly known as NFL Europe, formerly known as the World League of American Football, after 16 years. Too bad, it was fun stuff. In the first two years they had teams that played in North America as well, including the Montreal Machine (remember them?). But the league has mostly been in Europe for the entire time and always had at least one team in Germany.

In other football news the CFL is back on. Go Riders.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Chek out the link to this hilarious video of Mika Brzezinski freaking out on the air over having to cover that lousy Paris Hilton non-news story for MSNBC's Morning Joe show. She took the Paris Hilton get-out-of-jail story and put it in the shredder.

I think it was staged. Well, sort of staged, because I think Mika truly hates this story.


I'm surprised people on TV are more interested in Paris Hilton than this breaking Chris Benoit story. I gotta say first of all that I am not a big WWE fan, but I know the WWE is out there and I know plenty of rabid WWE fans who follow the "sport". They realize it's all entertainment and don't take it too seriously but they are big fans. But the WWE has a lot of skeletons in the closet to be sure.

O Monday night I decided for the heck of it to flip channels and check out the WWE for the first time in a long time, because there was nothing else on TV and I figured I might as well watch something uplifting for a change. So I tune in and there's Vince McMahon in an empty arena announcing that Chris Benoit had died. So much for that.

That was shocking enough, but now the stories about a murder-suicide have me shaking my head. You know, this is yet another black eye for the WWE. It's had a lot of bad luck with wrestlers dying at early ages because of steroids, and steroid abuse has been running rampant. But this--- this really is unbelievable. Talk about a sport with a black eye--- wrestling looks really bad right now with this news. They really need to clean up their act over there--- get some people involved in that so-called sport who are interested in obeying the law.

(UPDATE): Now there's word Congress might even get involved. Great. They'll probably go nuts and outlaw the sport now when all they really need to do is just get rid of steroids.


Biggest waste of time ever in my humble estimation. I don't know why there was such a big fight to book this babe, Paris Hilton was completely uninteresting. Larry King could have been done the interview in three or four minutes, there was nothing to talk about, really. Just the same old nonsense we already knew before. Boring.

Now, everyone's accusing CNN now of fluff journalism and pandering to celebrities. Covering Paris, and Anna Nicole, and all that. I know Anderson Cooper had that big sit-down with Angelina Jolie. So everyone is accusing them of being obsessed these days with covering fluff. Listen, the other networks have been far worse than CNN in covering celebrities, believe me. Have you seen the coverage on Fox News and especially MSNBC? MSNBC is far worse than CNN at covering Paris Hilton-type stories. At least CNN will still give you hard NEWS! That's it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


After getting off to a big start with Spidey and the Pirates of the Caribbean 3, things have gone south in a big hurry in Hollywood. Hopes for a record at the box office this year are fading fast. To blame is Evan Almighty and the almighty bath that it took at the theaters last weekend (32 mil smackeroos). Plus people are complaining there is a sequel slump; plus there could be a horror slump and even a cartoon slump going on.

The moment of truth has arrived at the theaters, folks, as far as box office revenues are concerned. Tomorrow, Bruce Willis (pictured) is back with Live Free or Die Hard. Friday is Ratatouille, big Pixar cartoon. Next Wednesday is Transformers and the Wednesday after that is the latest Harry Potter movie.

We will know soon enough whether these movies do well enough to make this a big year for Hollywood. But right now it is looking like it might not be. I noticed the guys at Cinematical were talking about it the other day on the podcast over there, and they seem downcast and downbeat about the movies coming up-- as if there's nothing to look forward to!

Rush Hour III is coming soon. Who cares about that.

P.S. --- Paris Hilton is finally out of jail. Whoopee!!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Just another update on the happenings from the land of TV news. Not much to report except this Paris Hilton big-get nonsense that I don't really care about. I read that Larry King landed a big get interview with Paris Hilton when Paris gets out of jail. This after these other networks decided they didn't want to pay a million dollars to get a big get interview with Paris' pockets; I suppose they all decided Paris was too unpopular. For the record, CNN says they are not paying any money for this interview.

Yes, Paris gets out of jail tomorrow, finally, so get ready for all the news reports about that. I am more interested in the Conrad Black trial verdict. That ought to happen soon, they're going to the jury.

Read a report that Brian Williams is bleeding more viewers than Katie Couric. Well, great, I guess they are going to give Brian the boot now and replace him with Matt Lauer. That ought to make Dan Rather happy. Did you see Lauer's interview with the two princes William and Harry? That got big ratings on NBC. That's the future of the news business right there, big get interviews with big gets. Anyway, it is sad times for Brian Williams and Katie Couric. Life in the anchor chair is no good.

I was wondering who would be next to get the boot in TV news and it turned out to be Bill McCuddy over at Fox News, the entertainment reporter there. He's getting canned, and he'll be replaced by some babe Jill Dobson who was at Star magazine. Who cares about that. And Marysol Castro is leaving ABC. Who cares about that, either.

Entertainment news is all the rage these days. Heck, I should know.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I really like YouTube. I am amusing myself going back looking over all these fun old clips from these shows that used to be on TV and some of these old commercials. Quite a few people have been putting old clips of TV shows on YouTube direct from the vaults, to give you a sense of what it was like to watch TV in the old days.

This is all stuff I wish I had been able to tape on a VCR, but of course we didn't own a VCR back then. I thought I would post these links to these items because I am in a nostalgic mood, and because there's really too much junk on TV these days. Who wants to see Age of Love?! Yecch.

Check out this fun stuff. Such as:

Open to the Paul Lynde Show (1972) - a family sitcom starring this guy Lynde trying to pass himself off as a family man. Right.
Get Smart.
Wonder Woman.
Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century.
BJ and the Bear.
Greatest American Hero.
McClain's Law.
The Lucy Show.
The Mothers-in-Law - old show from the sixties produced by Desi Arnaz.

He & She- Sixties sitcom starring Richard Benjamin and the too-sexy-for-TV Paula Prentiss. She's a babe! Also, here's a promo for the show.
Supertrain-- talk about bad television. Just the opening is awful enough. One of the greatest train wrecks in TV history (pardon the pun.)
And see you next week on Hawaii Five-O.

Fun stuff from the news:

NBC News Update with the famous Golden Girl Jessica Savitch, and more here and here. And here's one featuring Tom Snyder of all people!
A daytime NBC News Update featuring that familiar news face in the mornings Edwin Newman.
From CBS News this is Newsbreak.
Walter Cronkite's final closing on the CBS Evening News. Plus an extended look at the final broadcast. And Walter's convention coverage from 1956.
Plus here's the open for World News Tonight from the 1980s.
A tribute to Frank Reynolds of World News Tonight who had passed away.

Fun Saturday Morning Stuff:
Here's the open from the Sylvester and Tweety show here, here and here, and from the Bugs Bunny/ Road Runner show commercial breaks here and the closing credits here. Both shows were on CBS. Also there were plenty of ads on there for Cap't Crunch, McDonald's featuring Ronald McDonald and so on.
Plus, here's Shazam! And for Secrets of Isis, Space Academy, and Ark: II.
And here is the iconic CBS segment In the News.
Cartoon stuff: here's the open for Speed Buggy!!!
Ancient Underdog stuff.
Also, for those who are interested here are some more fun Saturday morning ads and they give you an idea of what we watched on TV growing up.
Also, this isn't really Saturday morning stuff, but these are promos from ABC for The Flintstones and The Jetsons.

Game show stuff:
Early Price is Right, and here's Price is Right with Dennis James hosting from the Seventies!!! Where's Bob Barker?!

Early High Rollers with Alex Trebek.
Hollywood Squares.
The Joker's Wild with Jack Barry who used to host the disgraced Fifties big money game show Twenty-One that was all crooked and fixed.
Tic Tac Dough.
Name That Tune.
And here's Stan Lee appearing on To Tell the Truth.

Telethon stuff:
Here's some interesting stuff from the Jerry Lewis Labour Day Telethon.

From 1977 the closing to the EEEEEEDGE of Night! (Shown on CBC in Canada.)

An old Miss Universe clip from 1980 when Shawn Weatherly won for the USA.


CBS' NFL Today from the Seventies.
The NBA on CBS Sports.
NBC's World Series coverage from 1980. Here and here.

Political stuff: ads from 1980 for Jimmy Carter and 1984 for Ronald Reagan.

Old network promos from CBS here and here from 1976, here and here from the late 1970s. And here for The Betty White Show, and here for Flying High, WKRP, and Mary. ABC promos here, here and here. and NBC here and here. And here, for the famous fall schedule that was junked by Fred Silverman after just two months. And from 1979.

Finally, here's a really old clip of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert from their old At the Movies TV show that they did. Notice they didn't get around to doing the thumbs-up, thumbs down thing yet.

That's it for now.

Friday, June 22, 2007


I'm really enjoying writing about films for Film School Rejects these days and here was my take on what may happen at the box office this weekend. I notice Universal laid it on thick with the promotion for Evan Almighty during last night's Office marathon on NBC.

I had predicted 45 million but it may not even hit that target. It sure doesn't look good based on the early estimations from Nikke Finke.

UPDATE: Thirty-two bleeping million for the stinkbomb Evan Almighty. Box office results here.


Tonight the NHL Draft goes in Columbus, Ohio with round 1 in prime time. It's different this year, they have moved the first round up to Friday prime time. So make sure you don't miss that, otherwise you might tune in tomorrow and find out you missed all the fun stuff from the first round.

I know already--- no one cares about the NHL. Except in frozen Canada.

UPDATE: Seems Jim Balsillie's latest attempt to poach an NHL team and move them to Canada has gone bellyup (Nashville).

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, the long search to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right continues. That's right, they still don't have a host to replace him, these fools at CBS!!

Apparently they've floated around a number of names: George Hamilton, Mark Steines (Entertainment Tonight), Dave Price (the Early Show), John O'Hurley (Family Feud), any number of them. By all rights the job really ought to go to Todd Newton, who hosts a Price is Right game in Las Vegas, live. But I take it he isn't a big enough name for CBS.

The most bizarre rumor out there now is Rosie O'Donnell taking over, and all I have to say about that is good grief! This show will be FINISHED if Rosie takes over. This is someone's idea of a bad joke, surely. Roger Friedman is reporting at Fox News that it probably won't happen anyway, Rosie's bound to get better offers elsewhere. And speaking of that article--- he even is reporting that apparently Bob Barker is responsible for nixing the sale of these old Price is Right episodes in reruns! Apparently the story is that he hates these former Barker's Beauties so much that he's refusing to air the reruns in syndication, just so he can cut these women out of receiving any royalties! He especially hates Dian Parkinson because she sued him for sexual harrassment. I wouldn't be surprised if there's bad blood, I've heard stories about tension at that show. What's with daytime TV anyway? Can't everyone just get along?! Anyway, so much for that.

I read that Drew Carey is now being considered for the host job. Well, at least he's better than Rosie, but I don't know about him, either. I don't doubt he's capable of hosting a game show, I'm not sure it's THIS one. Isn't he committed to The Power of 10?! I heard he was hosting that.

You know, I wouldn't rule out CBS trying out a whole bunch of guest hosts for a few weeks or months to see who the best fit is for this job, and then make that person the permanent host. They did that with The Late Late Show and it worked out fine in the end, because they chose Craig Ferguson. They should just take their time and choose the right host.

Sure, it's difficult. The wrong host can kill a show. The Match Game didn't survive without Gene Rayburn, and Let's Make a Deal never survived without Monty Hall. Of course, Jeopardy! survived without Art Fleming. But that show was off the air for a number of years. Maybe what The Price is Right really needs to do is go into mothballs for a few years and then come back, bigger and better than ever. Just like Jeopardy! did. Because let's face it, the show as we know it is pretty much over.

Bye bye, Bob.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Been reading about how Eli Roth has been moaning about the poor box office for Hostel: Part II and that he is blaming the movie's problems on these video pirates. They are sneaking in and using these webcams, or else they are getting these preview copies that are supposed to go to the press and these are being smuggled to these pirates, who splash them all over the Internet.

It's turning into a big problem for Michael Moore as well--- his movie Sicko was made available on the Internet, all due to these pirates. It got leaked onto YouTube, apparently, and he's complained about it. YouTube has since taken the clips down. Anyway these independent filmmakers are really mad at the pirates, they feel their movies are getting hurt the most by this. Doesn't seem to affect Fantastic Four or this other studio stuff, though. Fantastic Four just rakes it in no matter what, regardless of pirating or bad reviews from critics, or any of these other factors. But Sicko doesn't have that guaranteed captive audience. You know, I kind of have the same worries about these pirates. If it kills enough box office, these independent flicks will get the brunt of the damage. And we'll be left with nothing but the usual studio test-marketed stuff from Hollywood with no originality or creativity to it.

Not that I ever feel sorry for Michael Moore, but still...

I also understand Entourage might try a storyline about pirates possibly leaking one of Vince Chase's movies onto the Internet, affecting box office. I heard that maybe Medellin gets pirated. Anyway, that's what might happen, so look out for that you Entourage fans. Anyway piracy is a huge deal for Hollywood and it's affecting some of the current releases.

On a side note, I know Canada has been getting blamed for all the piracy going on and peiople having been blasting Canada and going on and on. I think Canada gets a bad rap. This movie piracy is happening all over the world, not just in Canada. Methinks the people blaming Canada are just trying to lobby to get the laws in this country toughened up against this sort of stuff.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Watching the MuchMusic awards on TV while waiting for Entourage to come on.

What a difference a year makes. Last year I was living in Toronto and I was at the MuchMusic Video Awards on a stinking hot evening--- one of a long list of things I had hoped to do at least once. And so was Paris Hilton. She was there, too.

These days I'm gone from all the pollution in Ontario, MuchMusic and the ChumCity Building are now both in the evil clutches of CTV, there's an MLS team in Toronto, Sassafraz has burned to the ground, Sam the Record Man is closing down, Mayor David Miller is threatening toll roads and taxes on automobiles to make life absolutely miserable for the people there--- and Paris Hilton is rotting in jail. That's right. Who would have thought that I'd see Paris Hilton live at one award show, and the next year at the very same time she'd be in jail? Who would have thunk it?

Anyway, Paris Hilton isn't there this year for obvious reasons, but don't worry, fans, they still have Tara Reid.


Found out surfing the Net that Dennis Publishing in the US has been sold to private equity firm Quadrangle, which will take over the Maxim, Stuff and Blender titles. Not included in the sale is The Week; plus, Dennis' UK operations are not affected, so they hang on to the British editions of Maxim and Stuff, both of which are much different from the tame US versions.

The word on Stuff is that they may just close that title down completely! They consider the other two titles more important than money-losing Stuff, which just bleeds money away from Maxim. So the rumor is that this is going to be the end of Stuff.

The guys' magazine market is just in the tank right now--- FHM already closed down a few months ago, and it doesn't help that all these religious nuts are on the warpath, getting stores like Wal-mart to boot these titles off the newsstands. You know who wins in this scenario if Stuff is closed down? Playboy. Because all the gorgeous babes (ie. Amanda Beard) will have no choice but to pose for them if both Stuff and FHM go out of business.

Of course, they could also pose for Esquire and try and be The Sexiest Woman Alive. Those guys are doing their whole "reveal" over there, but they only go for big names from Hollywood. They will probably name Lindsay Lohan or some other loser as their "sexiest woman", when in actual fact they really ought to look harder and maybe give the title to someone truly deserving such as Carmen Electra or someone like that.


And you are going "what?! I thought the old season just wrapped up!" It did, just a couple of weeks ago, but the rules are different in cable TV. So Entourage begins tonight with the Medellin shoot under way. Hopefully, tonight's episode on HBO will have an actual ending to it, unlike last week's pathetic Sopranos piece of junk.

Also, The 4400 comes back with a new season starting tonight on USA, and TNT launches another season of The Closer beginning tomorrow, and AMC has some new show about advertising coming up July 19 called Mad Men. They have been doing promos on that show for a while.

Thank goodness for cable TV. Otherwise we would be stuck watching network junk like America's Got Talent, On the Lot, Pirate Master, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother (yes, it is still on) and other boring reality dreck.

Though I kind of like Last Comic Standing. When you think of it, though, it's really sad when the best reality show on the air is Last Comic Standing. It really is.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


My positive review of Ocean's Thirteen and my sort of repulsed reaction to Hostel: Part II--- and I'm surprised because I actually liked the first one. (Best part of that movie was evil bad girl Vera Jordanova, hot Eastern European.)

Also, still tuning into this Le Mans race that has been going on forever and ever and found out Sebastien Bourdais is in this race, too. So these ChampCar fans ought to be all impressed.


Le Mans is on and the story this year is that our local hero Jacques Villeneuve ( remember him?) has a car in the race. But nobody in Canada cares about Le Mans, all we care about is whether Hamilton will get an NHL team. He is driving for Team Peugeot Total. Fun stuff, I like tuning into the race every year.

You can hear the race at and Speed has coverage as well.

I guess the other big news from the week in motorsports is from NASCAR, where Dale Jr. has joined Hendrick Motorsports, racing alongside---- archrival Jeff Gordon. Talk about a toxic combination, folks.

You want to know why I've become a big auto racing fan? Well, it's not just because of the racing. It's also because of some of the fans.

Oh la la.


There has been lots of movement in TV news lately in the States.

A few weeks ago Stone Phillips got the boot over at NBC (tossed from his Dateline NBC gig due to cuts), and I thought seriously that I should do a post speculating on who might be next. And I thought at that time the two leading candidates to get the boot next were Katie Couric (big surprise) and Paula Zahn, because both women's ratings for their shows were in the toilet. Turns out I was wrong on both counts, because the next person to leave turned out to be Sharyn Alfonsi, from CBS. Rumor is she's leaving for another network. Anyway, Couric and Zahn are in big trouble.

The word from TVNewser is that disgusted NBC News correspondent Campbell Brown is fed up being passed over for jobs at downsizing NBC, and has defected to CNN. The other word is that Paula Zahn's show is getting the boot and will probably be replaced by Lou Dobbs, clearing an hour of the schedule to make way for another show that Campbell might host. Or something. Anyway Campbell is on the way in and Paula is on the way down, and out. So count Paula Zahn as someone who is in the next-to-go betting.

As for poor, hapless Katie Couric, the big controversy this week has been over Dan Rather's comments that the CBS Evening News is being dumbed down for the masses and "tarted up", and Rather voiced his objections over Today Show news-lite values taking over the CBS Evening News. CBS honcho Les Moonves immediately shot back with accusations of sexism.

Look, I don't think Rather was being sexist. I hear CBS scream "sexism" every time someone criticizes their soft-news approach over there, and it's getting old. What Rather is really getting at is that CBS News tried to change the style of their evening news show to make it more like the Today Show in terms of story selections and so on. And he hates it! He think's it's a departure from his style of traditional news values! Well, all I will say is this is the typical arrogant attitude we get from these hard-news type people. There is nothing new about this rant. Rather would have trashed Larry King's interview with Angelina Jolie given the chance. It's got nothing to do with sexism. It's the traditional duel between the hard news folks and the soft news/celebrity/tabloid artist news reporters--- people like Geraldo, Deborah Norville, everyone on the legal beat (ie. Greta Van Susteren), much of the Fox News crowd including Shepard Smith, and uh, Katie .

I don't think the controversy over Couric is a gender issue. Instead, it's a values issue. Rightly or wrongly Katie is associated with soft news and soft interviews. The CBS Evening News got off on the wrong foot upon her arrival with the long-form interviews and that stupid segment where people wasted time spouting off their opinions. And they are getting killed in the ratings by the competing hard-news approaches at ABC and NBC. Katie is in trouble because they are getting killed every night. And the hard news people are saying "I told you so" and are crowing about it, and putting more gasoline on the already out-of-control fire that is burning around Katie Couric. I still think Katie's in deep trouble. All I will say is it sucks to be in TV news right now. Especially if you are female and over 40.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Bob Barker's last Price is Right aired today and it was pretty much like any other Price is Right show, except the prizes were bigger--- they were giving away lots of cars. They even gave away a speedboat which gave us a last chance to see Barker's Beauties in swimsuits. And they were alluding to all these contestants who had waited days to get in to see Bob's last show. I don't think we've seen these sorts of lineups since Johnny Carson retired.

They brought lots of old favorite price games back from the vault- Plinko, Lucky Seven, the Range Game, etcetera.

Bye bye Bob, and thanks for the memories. Whoever takes over this job is going to have a hard act to follow. (They still have no clue who the new host will be, these fools at CBS.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007



Being stuck in frozen Canada I cannot get TV access to the BBC Apprentice show with Sir Alan Sugar. I've instead gotten by watching his shows uploaded to YouTube and also highlight clips on the Internet.

Unlike Donald Trump's laughable Apprentice effort in the US, Sir Alan's show in Britain is still a big hit. The BBC has shown the actual Apprentice show and then a special "you're fired" show every week, where they interview the person who got the boot. It's been quite a season. One of the candidates on this show, Katie, actually withdrew from the finale. That's right, she quit. Not only that, but she was fired from her real job!

Here's the liveblog by the Guardian of tonight's finale won by Simon. And here's the other liveblog by TVScoop.

Incidentally, Donald Trump has unveiled his big idea for a new show. Something about turning hard-partying women into ladies or something like that. Maybe Trump thinks he's got experience in this area, since he did such a great job with Tara Conner. What a lame idea for a show. Who cares about him.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Well, as someone who was very late to the Sopranos train to begin with, I am so very glad I didn't waste the last several years obsessing over this show like these fans have been doing. Because last night's finale was the biggest letdown and absolutely the worst series ending in television history.

I thought the freaking cable had gone out! They're there sitting in the diner waiting for something to happen, and then they cut to black!!! Maybe this was their joke about how this show was on HBO and made cable TV what it is. So they pull the plug! But I was going "what the heck?!!" I didn't appreciate it, there was no closure whatsoever to this show. It was a total non-ending. I don't even care whether Tony ended up getting whacked or not, I just wanted some semblance of moving on to the next chapter. And we didn't get any of that!

Instead they just messed with our heads (as Deadline Hollywood pointed out). I'm with Nikki Finke who says this stuff is the reason why people hate Hollywood.

There will still be people who think this ending was brilliant. Right, tell that to all the people cancelling HBO today. All I will say is simply this--- congratulations, David Chase, on throwing the Emmy Award for the final season of The Sopranos into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


One of the most anticipated series finale shows in years airs tonight.

So does Tony get whacked? We all want to know.

Also, here's a Sopranos board with plenty of Sopranos speculation and anticipation.

Here's another article on the show's legacy. And Tim Goodman weighs in, and so does Peggy Noonan. Man, I feel like this is an obituary--- and if Tony gets whacked tonight, well, it will be.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Ocean's Thirteen is Number One at the theaters but is doing less business than expected. Ten million less in the USA to be exact.

Heck, I could have told you that much, having watched this flick in a half-empty theater last night. Actually, come to think of it, it was two-thirds empty. Dismal. I'm not surprised the overall box office numbers are so crummy. I agree, everyone has had it with sequels. Even good ones.

And another reminder that The Sopranos final is Sunday. I keep having to remind myself.


Some catching up on the world of news--

Uh, Bob Barker retired from the Price is Right earlier this week, yet they are having trouble finding a replacement for him so Barker says he'd be happy to come back until they find a replacement. Well, maybe they'll make him do this show until he dies.

Also, new NBC boss Ben Silverman says he's interested in Rosie O'Donnell for his network. To which I go "wtf" (excuse my language)?!

Anaheim won the Stanley Cup and nobody cares, really. The most memorable thing about that whole final series was Don Cherry's appearance on NBC, where he called for a return to fighting in the NHL. That appearance was classic-- he trashed Brett Hull's winning non-goal from 1999's Stanley Cup, he just was on a roll. They even talked about that goal that Ottawa supposedly kicked in and mentioned how they play soccer in Sweden, and talked about how beautiful the women from Sweden are--- just classic. Needless to say NBC lucked out.

In auto racing news, this week is the Canadian Grand Prix and next week is Le Mans, and I thought I would mention that because nobody ever mentions Le Mans in the media around here and I always have to remind myself that it's on next week.

And finally, Tony Soprano's fate hangs in the balance as the greatest TV series ever The Sopranos ends on Sunday night.

This stinks--- Bob Barker and Tony Soprano leave TV the same week. Why bother tuning in to television anymore, everyone's off the air.

Friday, June 08, 2007


What a joke this story has turned into. First they release her, now the judge has ordered her back into the clink. This has turned into a bigger circus than Anna Nicole Smith.

I shall weigh in on this farce. Eventually. Not today, though. I'll let these "legal analysts" weigh in on it on shows like Larry King, and on MSNBC. Frankly though, these analysts on TV are making fools of themselves, too, going nuts on this story and frothing at the mouth about this. They are really out for blood, these bitter people.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


My review of Knocked Up is up. Also, Nikki Finke has an article about how this movie has been beating Pirates of the Caribbean 3 on Monday and Tuesday--- a sure sign that people are fed up with sequels.

Coming this weekend, Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II, and Ocean's Thirteen. That's right, folks--- more sequels. Well, I hope the studios enjoy the bath they are going to take.

In other news, Paris Hilton is out of jail already? What the heck?! What is this, celebrity justice?!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I know 'my blog is hibernating this week, but here's an interesting article to read about.

It's a Hollywood Reporter, Esq. piece on Anonymous Lawyer Author Jeremy Blachman, who also has an interesting blog. He's a Harvard law grad and a published author, and he's been seeking work in LA doing writing for TV. He's been trying to get his Anonymous Lawyer book made into a show for TV.

You know, I'd like to do this for a living, too, write for TV. It would be nice, though, first, if I was actually living in Los Angeles --- then I would actually have a shot of scheduling actual meetings with people. From a purely practical standpoint I'd need to be there, fighting earthquakes and the like. Oh, and the article mentions other lawyers-turned screenwriters like Marc Guggenheim, Peter Blake (again), Jeff Pinkner (LOST), and other cool people.

Monday, June 04, 2007


I do not think I will be doing much posting at all this week. Among other things I am doing some writing elsewhere in order to build up my portfolio and getting my name out to people connected to the entertainment/media industry etcetera etcetera etcetera.

I leave you with this cute photo of On the Lot babe Adrianna Costa (who also works for CNN)--- because, well, she symbolizes what passes for TV these days.

A hundred and eighty-two channels and nothing on. Welcome to TV in June, folks.

UPDATE: Found out Paris Hilton just started her jail time today (Monday).

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Read that Pirates III slipped back a bit and the funny Knocked Up did pretty well at the box office. Read it here.

Also expect me to link to my movie review of Knocked Up--- whenever they get around to putting it up.


Year of the upset continues in the NBA as "Losertown" (a.k.a the Cleveland Cavaliers) has beaten Detroit to get into the NBA Finals --- thanks in large part to that double-overtime 48-point effort by LeBron James on the road in game 5. That was one of the greatest games in NBA history.

Come to think of it, maybe there is hope that we will all live to see the Toronto Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup yet.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Some Stanley Cup stuff to tell you about on the night of Game 3...

Here's the link to the CBC Stanley Cup page.

And here is the link to the NBC live stream of the post-game show--- the one they won't be showing on the main network because nobody watches hockey.

That's all for now, I'm going back to watching the NBA game on the other channel. Heck, why shouldn't I-- it's a better series, this Cleveland-Detroit battle.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Some more TV junk to throw at you:

Here's a couple of profiles of the new boss over at NBC Ben Silverman. In addition to putting on good comedy shows on various networks, he's also a big reality TV fan with a long history of bringing this junk to the United States from overseas. All I will say about that is good grief. If NBC really thinks reality TV is the future then they are in more trouble than anyone realizes. But on the flip side, this guy likes comedy and that's good.

This regime change means possible new life for one show: apparently Mark Burnett and the gang with The Apprentice are being asked to extend their NBC pickup option time frame by another week-- as the new boss might be interested in re-hiring the Donald after he "quit" just last week. Donald quit, and then NBC programming boss Kevin Reilly was fired, and apparently that's good news to Mark Burnett because he had a lot of problems with the previous regime and claims they didn't like his show (I know he was mad because NBC kept on moving the show around, and so on). I wonder if maybe there was a ton of NBC interference in the production of last season's train wreck Apprentice show, it would explain why that show was moved to LA and ended up being such a big disaster. Maybe if the show comes back they'll actually attempt to improve it? We hope.

In Law & Order news Fred Thompson has officially quit the show to clear the decks for a run for President, and Jeremy Sisto will join the cast as one of the cops, replacing Milena Govich who apparently is getting the boot. Rumor has it that the new D.A. will actually be Sam Waterston's character Jack McCoy, who has been E.A.D.A. for such a long time that it is a joke. (UPDATE- Here's a story on it.)

On the Lot on FOX has been cut back from two nights a week to one--- they have eliminated the results show and will air the remaining episodes on Tuesday.

Finally, Canada's very own CBC had their good-news upfront this week. Here's John Doyle's take. I take it he's not impressed.

That's it for right now. Don't forget, two more Sopranos left and rumors afoot about a big bloodbath and lots of people getting killed.