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Well, here is an article about the fates of your favorite bubble TV shows and where they stand going into the network upfronts in a couple of weeks. I think we can safely say that it really is up in the air for Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, How I Met Your Mother (pictured), The New Adventures of Old Christine, and What About Brian. I think these shows are going to go right down to the wire and it will come down to money in some cases, and scheduling. I think most of these titles will be back, but underline the word "most" because any of these could get the boot, upsetting the fans.

How I Met Your Mother has been fighting like mad to stick around. They keep on showing one classic episode after another. On Monday they showed Barney's appearance on The Price is Right to meet his "dad" Bob Barker. I find it hard to believe that this show won't be back based on the quality of the episodes and its growing fanbase. If CBS cancels this show they surely have rocks in their heads. From what I gather, though, CBS might be ready to overhaul their schedule and attempt a number of new and "sexier" shows. Are these guys going to try and become like ABC? I sure hope not.

That article mentioned that CBS' cuts could go pretty deep and that a number of shows could be on the hit list, including The Class, Jericho, Close to Home, even The Unit. THE UNIT!!! Yikes! If CBS is readying for a big housecleaning then none of these CBS shows on the bubble are safe, not even How I Met Your Mother. Would CBS be so cruel as to cancel a show before we met the mother of these kids?! Somehow I doubt it, but this is TV and the ratings are in the toilet everywhere, and CBS is actually due for a housecleaning with all the veteran shows they air.

In more bad news for situation comedies, ABC is said to be ready to give the knife to both According to Jim and The George Lopez Show, and I'm surprised because my understanding was that they would keep at least one of these two. And this year's classic veteran sitcom coming to an end is The King of Queens, and that show doesn't have too long to go. These are sad times for sitcom fans.

Been reading the fan boards about the CW shows Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. Seems the Veronica fans and Gilmore fans hate one another. Both their favorite shows are fighting for survival and the success of one might be seen as ready to kill the other. Based on the ratings I do not see how Gilmore Girls doesn't come back, unless the main cast quits (as has been rumored). But these rabid, vocal, loud Veronica fans refuse to believe that their show is going to get the axe. I know E! keeps on reporting that there's a good chance this show will come back with Veronica as an FBI agent, but everyone else is saying they're going to stick a fork in it. The show returned to the schedule on Tuesday for the first time in ages and fans were hoping that the show would do well enough to justify its continued survival. Instead, Veronica Mars got demolished. It got something like a 1.5 rating overall and a pathetic 1.1 among 18-49, and not only was dead last in its time slot but dead last for the entire evening! It also bled viewers who tuned in to Gilmore Girls earlier, and didn't do as well as that lame Pussycat Dolls reality show that held the time slot the previous week. How the heck this show makes it to Season 4 is beyond me. It makes it to season 4 if people at the CW are interested in getting killed in the ratings.

In the grave for sure, it seems, are Studio 60, Crossing Jordan, The War at Home, and The Class. Scrubs will probably move to ABC.


By the way, Law & Order continues to get killed on NBC. It got a pathetic 1.8 rating last week. That's terrible, ladies and gentlemen! It used to be that hit shows would get 20 ratings on weeknights! But these days shows are lucky to get a 5 rating! And you can count on cancellation if your ratings are any lower than 2. This is really brutal--- no one is watching this L&O show. Or maybe people can't tell the difference between the new shows and the reruns anymore. How the heck can NBC justify keeping this show on the air if the numbskulls out there at home won't tune in? I read that NBC is planning to clear the schedule, bigtime, so they can program shows that might be the next Heroes. This is so depressing. I am almost throwing in the towel on Law & Order's long-term future. I've lost all hope that this show will beat Gunsmoke's record. All I'm hoping for now is for this series to get another season (like Las Vegas just did) so that it can make it to 400 shows and at least die with some dignity.

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