Sunday, May 13, 2007


Here's a thought on the ongoing debate on the merits of TV shows versus the movies right now. And this kind of has to do with Spider-Man 3 which I saw earlier this week.

A lot of people having been saying how great TV is right now and how it's a golden age and it's better than the movies, and bla bla bla. All that bull. But movies have two things going for them that TV doesn't at the moment.

(1) Movies are more likely to have spectacular special effects that will dazzle you out of your seat--- with superheroes flying through the air and with a lot of action and violence.


These networks, though, are into cost-cutting and throwing your favorite actors onto the streets. And fat chance that reality shows will have any special effects. Advantage: the movies.

(2) And this is the biggest advantage in favor of the movies:


Don't ya hate when you tune in to some new TV show and invest your time in it, and before it reaches an ending it gets cancelled? That's happened to fans of The Black Donnellys, and Drive, and Andy Barker P.I. in the last few months. Why bother investing time and interest in characters when the show is going to be yanked off the air?

I remember when I watched The Street back in 2000 on FOX. A really good effort, but it was yanked after a few weeks. One character on the show got cancer, and I don't know to this day whether that guy ended up living or dying!! You get the idea.

It's even worse for these reality shows that bomb quickly and get pulled without a winner being declared! I remember when I watched that reality show The Law Firm, which was pulled after two weeks. I never did find out the winner of that competition!!! And I'm sure the folks who watched The One (that notiorious debacle) are really ticked because they pulled it before any winner was declared for that singing contest! I guess everyone on the show ended up as losers.

I even remember the time when Last Comic Standing was pulled off the NBC schedule before a winner was declared. And the name of the winner was leaked to the press before the final show finally aired on cable. So it spoiled the whole final show! Anyway, that was a big joke. And to top it off, they eventually recanted and brought the series back!!!

The most egregious travesty was Reunion, which was pulled from the air by FOX way before they resolved the murder of whoever it was that got murdered, or whatever the plot was. Anyway, everyone was left hanging!!! And did we ever get an ending on that show Vanished? That's another one that got the hook very early. Same for Kidnapped, another serialized show. This is why serialized shows should not be put on TV--- if they get cancelled that gets all the fans upset. I'm still mad that the folks at FOX cancelled Justice. But what can you do, the ratings stunk.

At least the worst that can happen with a movie is that the projector breaks down or something. But at least they'll give you a free pass to go watch another movie!! I guess with TV, though, you get what you pay for, which is nothing.

So if anyone starts arguing about how TV is so much better than the movies, all you need to say in response to this line of bull is that movies don't hose the fans the way TV series do. Especially these new ones that always get cancelled.

I say all this now because this is a big weekend for cancellations in TV, with LOST setting an end date to wrap up the series and with rumors about Battlestar Galactica taking a hike after season 4. Cancellations are the scourge of TV and these quick hooks have been destroying network television ever since the 1970s when these nets first started to do this. I still don't know what's going to happen with Law & Order, that show is still on the negotiation table.

At least it looks as if we might have a fighting chance of finding out who the mother of those kids is on How I Met Your Mother, since the rumor is that CBS has come to its senses and will renew the show.

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