Monday, May 07, 2007


Well, the word is that Spider-Man 3 was a massive freaking hit everywhere it played. It smashed records in Asia when it opened there. Then this weekend it blew away all the competition in the United States, thoroughly justifying its sky-high price tag ( rumored to be 300 million dollars) by raking in 151 mil. That's downright incredible.

But among the critics and movie experts there is considerably less enthusiasm for this sequel than for the previous two. Rotten Tomatoes barely gives this movie a passing grade at 61%, saying the action sequences save the movie. The cream of the crop, though, were even less enthusiastic, and Roeper and Whomever gave it two thumbs down. (I believe it was Christy Lemire who was on this week.) Not exactly good news. I guess people don't like the "sensitive Spider-Man" that was portrayed in the movie; people want to see action and special effects! But that hasn't stopped people from going to the cinemas. I notice James Rocchi of CBS 5 in San Francisco thought Kirsten Dunst seemed bored in the movie. Rocchi only gave it 1 reel out of 4 (ouch) and I notice Richard Crouse out of Toronto only gave this two stars.

Maybe these filmmakers will take the criticism to heart when they do Spider-Man 4. And don't worry, there will be a Spider-Man 4. There are 151 million reasons why we'll see Spidey again.

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