Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Well, you have probably heard that The Simpsons Movie is coming. And it's obvious that the producers of The Simpsons TV show are out to do all sorts of things in the movie that they couldn't do on TV. Like, have plenty of foul language. And wardrobe malfunctions involving Bart Simpson.

Oh. My. God.

All I will say is, guys, if this is true then this is definitely a new low for The Simpsons and a new low for the cinematic medium. I do NOT want to see Bart Simpson naked on screen, it definitely isn't funny and sounds like a bad stunt. People out there who say they are really looking forward to seeing this should probably, definitely, be locked up.

I sure hope the test audiences for this flick have a cow when they see this. Then maybe these morons will excise this scene from the movie. If they don't, well, I think I won't go to this piece of junk. I'll go see Spider-Man 3 or something like that.

Spare me a sight for sore eyes. Yecch.

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