Friday, May 25, 2007



Good riddance to that nutty Rosie O'Donnell woman. She has quit The View show in disgrace three weeks early, after getting in a massive fight with Elisabeth Hasselbeck a few days ago on TV.

Can't these women get along? I mean, Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera got into a huge screaming match on the Fox News Channel not too long ago, shouting at each other at the top of their lungs over the immigration issue. But they were seen the other day together at a baseball game! People pretty much think that whole fight was staged and shades of the WWE anyway. But these View women--- I dunno. Anyway, it's a good thing Rosie is gone from that show. That woman is out of control and definitely nuts (believes in conspiracy theories re: 9/11), and is generally a classless individual.

Another TV show-quitter, Donald Trump, was trashing all the View women again this week. He called Rosie self-destructive and called Hasselbeck the "dumbest woman on television". Okay okay, Donald, we get it already--- you hate their show.

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Jill from Western Australia said...

It is time to put politics aside and unite by supporting the troops who are fighting the War on Terror on behalf of ALL USA CITIZENS! The rest of the world is watching and waiting...I urge you to stand up and be counted. Glad to see RoD go, USA doesn't need her bigoted views, I hope no one sponsors her for yet another DISGUSTING TV SHOW.