Friday, May 25, 2007


Well, nobody is watching TV anymore, they're all on the Internet. Or they're going to the movie theaters, or renting DVDs, or watching illegal downloads. Or they're playing video games. Or they're watching YouTube. Maybe they're listening to satellite radio. Or even regular radio. Or radio streams on the Internet.

But they aren't watching the crap on TV anymore, that's for sure. Overall ratings continue to go down. So what else is news.

Having said all that---here are the ratings for this season, and both FOX and CBS are claiming victory. FOX is claiming victory among the 18-49 demo which advertisers care about, but CBS won among total viewers. ABC finished third and lost a million viewers--- because of their stupid, boneheaded decision to give up on showing Monday Night Football. ABC threw away the season with that move, just as I predicted. Well, what do you expect, that network doesn't care about guys anymore. They are alienating half the viewership with their programming moves.

NBC finished fourth and the CW fifth. I don't know where My Network TV finished. Probably behind Univision and Telemundo.

Also, noticed that American Idol's ratings were down nearly six million viewers this year for the finale-- likely because people figured it was a blowout--- and the new FOX show On the Lot is having all kinds of problems. It's getting beat in its time slot, it's losing viewers from its lead-in, and it had to replace its host already. Chelsea Handler is getting replaced with Adrianna Costa. I think the real problem is that this show looks like it belongs on some cheap cable station, not a network. This proves my theory that people are sick of reality TV. Yet that awful CW network is loading up on this junk next fall, with America's Next Top Model and all that other rubbish.

In fact the next season looks to be worse than this one. ABC is going to put on Cavemen, based on the GEICO insurance ads on TV. Everyone thinks this is an awful idea and people are complaining about how ABC cancelled their shows to make room for this junk. You wonder why the ratings are down? Bad ideas like this.

Why bother watching TV, you might as well go to the theater and watch all these sequels that end in the number "3"- Spidey, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean etc.

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