Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Tonight they give the "box-office" numbers for these films that were shown on On The Lot last night, and they might as well just declare all the films as box office flops, because this show is TANKING. It got a 1.3 rating last night, losing to the rerun sitcoms on CBS and the gorgeous babes (Miss Universe) on NBC.

The show even got beat by Univision. IT GOT BEAT BY UNIVISION. When your show loses to Univision, a network that broadcasts in a language that most Americans have no clue about, then boy, that's a sure sign of trouble. Fifth place, man, that's really awful. I would not be surprised if the good folks at FOX pull their notorious trigger-finger and cut this show off pretty soon.

As for NBC I hear rumors Kevin Reilly the programming chief may get the boot, possibly as soon as today. More later.

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