Thursday, May 03, 2007


Found out today that Elizabeth Spiers left Dead Horse Media, the company she founded. Say what?! And this happened a couple of weeks ago apparently. Are times so bad in the media that it's affecting the blogs, too? We know newspapers are dying, but this too?! One rumor has it that Spiers might have fallen victim to a power struggle. She states on her blog that it's creative differences--- she wanted to expand the empire and try new, experimental web sites while the other backers wanted to concentrate on the three blogs they already had. Whatever. Anyway, she's chilling out at home apparently, and might do another startup again. Or she might not.

In other news, Melissa Lafsky of Opinionistas fame left the Huffington Post's "Eat the Press" section for a new, supposedly fantastic gig--- but she refuses to say what it is. I'm wondering: coincidence? Hmm.

UPDATE: Melissa has joined Freakonomics as the blog editor there.

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