Sunday, May 20, 2007


Ahem. Congratulations to NBC for providing three periods of sterling playoff coverage of yesterday's exciting Ottawa-Buffalo elimination game in the Stanley Cup.

Unfortunately, a big loud BOO to NBC for its coverage of the FOURTH period, won on a dramatic series-winning overtime goal by Ottawa. But few people in the 'States saw it. Instead, these bums at NBC cut to a pre-race show for the Preakness Stakes, figuring that their horse racing coverage was far more important. They relegated the hockey game to Versus, the crappy flagship cable network for the NHL which few people can get.

I would have had less of a problem if they had moved the overtime to a channel people could get, like CNBC or MSNBC. But Versus--- nobody watches this channel!!! The way NBC treated the NHL the other day is an embarrassment to the sport. Cutting away from overtime to show a pre-race show--- now that is sad. Are they going to do this in the finals---- cut away from neverending overtime games to make room for your late local news, and Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien?! I wouldn't put it past them!!

You know, NBC pulled a stunt like this years earlier when they cut from a Jets-Raiders football game to show the movie Heidi, and that was such a brouhaha that they had to change the policy on sporting events to never cut away from the end of a game. But I guess that doesn't apply to hockey. What's even more remarkable is that you don't have this big outcry in the USA about it. I guess nobody cares. You can bet that if it happened in Canada that people would complain--- and it's happened in Canada quite a few times and people have gotten really mad. I remember on Hockey Night in Canada that Dave Hodge lost his job for complaining on the air about CBC cutting away from a hockey game that went to overtime- and that happened during the regular season. He flipped his pen in the air and voiced his total disgust, and the fans at home were all saying "right on". Anyway, that was the end for him there. Needless to say CBC learned its lessons since then-- and you can bet they don't switch away from overtime hockey games these days.

Still, this incident is yet more proof that the NHL is irrelevant. It begs a real question:: why should I care about a hick sport like this when stuff like this goes on?! Good question.

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Anthony said...

Why should we care if the network doesn't? Is that the question?

No pre-game show should take the place of an actual game, and cutting away for that was a bad decision by NBC. If I had been watching the hockey game, I would have been understandably pissed. I would have switched over to Versus, but that's only because it's on my cable system. 40 million people didn't have that option.