Sunday, May 13, 2007


Good news: All three Law and Orders have been officially renewed. But Criminal Intent will shift first-run episodes to USA, and those will be repeated on NBC.

Question now is about cast changes. (UPDATE.) Apparently there won't be much of that, the belt-tightening will come from other areas. Good. This will be the 18th season for Law & Order on NBC, and means L&O the Mothership can still chase after Gunsmoke's record of 20 seasons on the air. Gunsmoke ran on CBS from 1955 to 1975.

Now the bad news: The Apprentice may be coming back too, after football season is over. After that debacle of a season last year? What the heck are they thinking at NBC?! Keep in mind, though, that ABC renewed that even worse piece of junk The Bachelor. The Apprentice is to NBC what The Bachelor is to ABC--- a no-buzz junk reality show that has no credibility anymore, which people are completely fed up with.

(UPDATE: Uh, no, it's not coming back any time soon. The Apprentice has been left off the fall and midseason schedule completely, BUT they say it has NOT been cancelled. Maybe a summer run next year? Or maybe they are just hoping this show quietly goes away.)

Newest rumor is that Veronica Mars is going to be cancelled by the CW, some higher-ups there supposedly put the kibosh on a plan to bring it back. Nothing official yet.

Final note, TONIGHT IS THE SEASON FINALE for Survivor on CBS, and I only post this because if I don't remind myself I may not even watch this show!

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