Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Word out of CBS is that Jericho has been cancelled. Also rumblings have it that both Close to Home AND The Class have gotten the boot.

Also, ABC's upfront was today and you can get all the minute-by-minute boring blogging about it here.

And here's the latest news on the CW, which is saying a final "bye" to Gilmore Girls tonight.

And here's another story about The Apprentice being thrown into total limbo after not getting any mention at all at the NBC upfront the other day. At least last year NBC was able to say the show was returning in midseason. But these guys have no clue when this show is coming back. I think the real reason this show has not been officially "cancelled" has to do with NBC wanting to stay on good terms with Trump. NBC carries The Miss USA Pageant, which Trump owns. So they really don't want to tick people off or make Trump look bad when they have a relationship with his organization.

Stay tuned for more boring USA TV upfront coverage (live from frozen Canada) all this week on THE CAIRNS BLOG. But not tonight. Tonight, I am going to a movie. Because MOVIES DON'T GET CANCELLED.

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